LIBERIA: Ansu Shirk Sonii Urges Liberians to Genuinely Unite

A prominent son of Grand Cape Mount County, Ansu Shirk Sonii is urging Liberians to unite in moving the country forward. Celebrating his birthday on Sunday May 14, 2023, also observed as National Unification Day, Sonii said he has observed lots of hatreds among Liberians at home and abroad.

May 14 every year is celebrated as National Unification Day. This is in consonance with an Act passed in 1960 by the National Legislature. The day was set aside after realizing the benefits to be added from the Unification and Integration Policy.

Speaking further, Sonii said he is grateful to God for allowing him to see another natal day and blessed to be born on such historic day which calls for national unity. According to him, no nation can progress when the citizens are divided as clearly seen in Liberia.

Sonii called on politicians and others reportedly masterminding violence to desist; saying it will further divide the already bitter people. He acknowledged that it is good is to have exchange of ideas on issues, but said it should be done with high degree of civility.

The Corporate Communications Specialist further said it is never too late for Liberians to hold together in fostering genuine national unity as clearly cherished in the National Unification Act.

He lamented that bitterness has taken over Liberians to an extend that they throw insults at each other without any sign of remorse. Sonii however called on Liberians to take some sober reflections of their co-existence by reawakening their unity.

Sonii is meanwhile calling on all Liberians at home and abroad to adhere to the ideologies of honesty, fairness and equal opportunities for all. He said this should be cohesive regardless of tribe, religion or status in society.

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  1. Frank M Sheriff, Sr says

    Thanks a million for said position and hope for a cordial working relationship with you and the union of Cape Mount Association.

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