LIBERIA: Another Cedecian Threatens To Quit, Cites Party’s Abandonment Following Prolong Illness

Representative Abraham Varmuyah Corneh

A senior member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Montserrado County District 14 Representative, Abraham Varmuyah Corneh has threatened to quit the ruling party for what he termed his abandonment by the party following a prolong illness out of the country.

Addressing hundreds of his supporters upon his arrival from the United States yesterday, August 17, 2019 on a prolonged sick leave on intensive medical treatment, ‘AVC’ as he is affectionately call, expressed thanks and appreciation to his supporters for the rousing welcome given him, and said he is happy to be back but regretted the ‘Don’t care attitude’ on the part of the party during his illness.

The death news of the lawmaker spread in Monrovia and its environ like wild fire over the past months, but speaking further to his supporters said he was grateful to God to be back, and further announced to his cheering supporters of his intention to quit the ruling party, adding, “CDC is our party, but the party has shown lack of care for its partisans, especially those who laid down their lives and everything for the support of the Party.”

Representative Corneh said he is disappointed in the leadership of the party, noting that it has no interest in its members, “ I will be considering  quitting in the coming days,” Representative Varmuyah Corneh in a joyous mood upon arrival told supporters.

The resignation from the party of Representative Corneh brings to the number two, early last week; a member of the Coalition, Senator Sando D. Johnson of Bomi County also expressed similar intent, noting that the party was threading the wrong path by doing things not in line with the objective of its majority members that formed part of the coalition.

Senator Johnson, a senior member of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP), which is one of three political parties making up the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), urged members of his party to consider thinking about a possible withdrawal from the coalition.

The other parties in the Coalition are the Congress for Democratic (CDC) and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) of former House Speaker Alex J. Tyler.

The three parties joined forces in 2016 for the purpose of winning the 2017 Presidential election. The NPP produced the vice standard-bearer, Jewel Howard-Taylor, while the CDC produced the standard bearer, George Manneh Weah.

In a post on social media, Senator Johnson, who is known for not hiding his feelings about issues that affect him or his constituent, stated: “National Patriotic Party, we all together MUST begin thinking about a possible withdrawal from the so-called Coalition of Democratic Change. Our future and the reputation of our generation and generations unborn of our dear party are at stick. This current ruling group that we all fought with our sweat, tears and blood to bring to power no longer regards us, but rather brands us as the Taylor people.”

According to Senator Johnson, who is NPP’s National Vice Chairman for Administration, when President George Weah and others needed them “most they pretended to us if as though we were their very good friends, but after assuming to state power, he and his few friends, who where nobody in our society began to kick us around and consider us as useless people.”

The Bomi County lawmaker said this in his mind and many others are “unacceptable.” He added: “We must speak out loud and act now or else we are doomed.”

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