Liberia annuls letter of recognition of Kosovo

Liberia has revoked its recognition of Kosovo’s independence while negotiations are ongoing.

Liberian Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Milton Findley handed a diplomatic note to this effect to Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, during their meeting in Belgrade on Wednesday.

The note states that Liberia “recognized the independence of Kosovo based on its realization that Belgrade was not prepared to negotiate a solution with its Southern Province Kosovo.”

“Today, the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is taking place under the umbrella of the EU. With this, it is only appropriate for Liberia to take a stance, which allows for a sustainable solution for citizens of Serbia and Province of Kosovo, as is being done through current negotiations,” the note further read, and added:

“In the line with all mentioned above, the Republic of Liberia annuls its letter of recognition of Kosovo. This decision remains in effect until the discussions and negotiations are completed under the European Union.”

Dacic told reporters today that Liberia’s decision was very important for Serbia, as it showed that the process and the Kosovo dialogue are still taking place – “and in a way, this is our contribution to to the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels on Sunday.”

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