LIBERIA: Ahead Of 2023 Elections: House Passes Amended Elections Law With Increased Fees

Flash Back: Lawmakers voting during session

The House of Representatives passed the Amended Elections Law, astronomically increasing registration fees for Aspirants. In the House’s version, the fees for Representatives increased from $500 to $5000, Senators from $750 to $7500, Vice President from $1500 to $10000, and President from $2500 to $15000 (all in US Dollars).

“When this Law reached the Senate for “concurrence”, we led the debate and made the case AGAINST this unfair, harsh increase. We saw it as a means of depriving others from participating in our democratic governance”, Senator Abraham D. Dillon on his social media page said.

“Thankfully, the Senate reasoned with our argument and VOTED last week to maintain the current fees of $500, $750, $1500 and $2500 for Aspirants seeking to contest as Representatives, Senators, Vice President and President respectively.”

“Also, the Senate has reconsidered the earlier decision regarding Elections Magistrates. In keeping with legislative practice, a Conference Committee of the Senate has been constituted by the President Pro Tempore to meet with the House to reconcile these issues to remove the provision passed by the Senate against Elections Magistrates compulsory “resignation”. I am humbled to be named as a Member of the Senate’s Conference Committee to resolve these issues,” Senator Dillon wrote.

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