LIBERIA: AEL Ends Hygiene Tournament in Bong

By Emmanuel Mafelah |

In an effort to promote hygiene activities, the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia has ended a hygiene football and kickball tournaments among Junior high schools in Zota District, Bong County.

AEL is the largest network of churches and agencies of Evangelical persuasion in Liberia responding to human need with spiritual guidance, compassion and practical care. Our vision is a Liberian Church that is faithful to God’s calling to love as Christ loves – evidenced by its practical, holistic & compassionate response to human need.

AEL’s ministry is guided by four organizational core values, namely, Godly Compassion, Biblical Integrity, Sacrificial Stewardship, and Servant Leadership.

The Christian Organization is being supported by Mission Alliance, a Norwegian based Organization.

Some of the participating schools of the tournament included, the Warta Public School, Yorwee Public School, Immanuel Lutheran Global Village School, Kollieta Public school amongst others.

Prior to the start of the tournament, AEL Program Director Francis Maxwell had been telling residents of the area to keep their surrounding clean in an effort to live safe and healthier lives.

Mr. Maxwell who has always been willing to support residents of the area stated that his passion to ensure the livelihood improvement of the Zota citizens cannot be downplayed, on grounds that he is passionate about working to ensure that residents of the area live healthier lives.

Being a Christianity organization, AEL organized the tournament under a very peaceful atmosphere that led some of the spectators calling on the Organization to extend such activity to other parts of the County.

Then Immanuel Lutheran Global Village became the victorious in the kickball games and at the same time collect the football trophy in a penalty shootout at the GorpuDoloBoi elementary and Junior High school football field in Belifina, Zota District in Bong County.

After the final, some citizens of the region extended commendations to AEL for the conduct of the tournament.

They at the same time called on the Christian organization to continues such a unique initiative among Junior high schools in the District.

The citizens believe that such an activity will bring united among schools’ administrators and students in the region.

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