LIBERIA: 30 Years Old Motorcyclist Rape 13 Years Old Girl In Harper

Flash Back: Man in handcuff on his way to prison

Report coming from the south eastern county Maryland, Harper City says a 30-years-old motorcyclist has allegedly raped a 13-years-old, while the victims is currently taking treatment at the J.J. Dossen Memorial Hospital in Harper after the incident.

According to report, the 13-year-old and her friend boarded the bike from central Harper City to the New Kru Town Community, but surprisingly the bike rider diverted them to an unknown location, a situation that made the girls to raised alarm.

While in the tussle, one of the girls reportedly escaped, with the 13-year-old being overpowered by the bike rider, taken her to a nearby bush where he raped her.

The doer of the act has meanwhile has been arrested by the police and placed behind bars.

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