LIBERIA: 2023 Elections Will Be Tough, Opposition Must Put Their Acts Together If….

GNN has gathered that most Liberians talked over the weekend in Monrovia and its environs regarding the upcoming national elections to elect another team of leaders to steer the affairs of Africa’s oldest Republic for another six years say they are very optimistic that the upcoming elections will be a rocky and rough road for Liberians amid the lack of unity amongst the oppositions.

Those who spoke to the GNN mainly the young and middle age people expressed disappointment in the opposition for not putting their acts together in capturing state power, and further noted that in the face of these ‘Mistrusts’ amongst the oppositions, a smooth ride for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah will be awaited.

Amid the reported corruption and the lack of developmental initiative on the part of this government, many of those spoke said it will not be obvious for the oppositions to capture state, stressing that once there is no cohesiveness amongst the oppositions it will be very hard for them to succeed in the pending 2023 general and presidential elections.

For others who spoke to our reporters over the weekend, said they are hopeful that the oppositions will come together in the shortest possible time in getting out the CDC-led government, with one of them noting, “For me I am very optimistic that the oppositions will come together to win state power, the Liberian people are tired of rhetoric”, Joel Howard Toe speaking to the GNN noted.

“My brother, the oppositions need to come together now, 2023 is just around the corner, they must put their act together if they must succeed in this process, let them stop this in-house fight; let them concentrate on taking state power, and do away with those petty things that will derail them from succeeding in their quest for wining Liberians over to their political plans”, Esther Q. Wilson, a businesswoman speaking the GNN last weekend warned.

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