LIBENERGY Launches Prepaid Meter Installation in Maryland and River Gee

By: Christian Appleton |

LIBENERGY, a utility corporation operating under the laws of Liberia, is set to commence a major initiative to install prepaid meters across Maryland and River Gee Counties starting Tuesday, June 4, 2024. The initiative is part of LIBENERGY’s broader mission to enhance electricity distribution and supply in Maryland, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, and lower Nimba Counties. This effort follows a significant contract with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to operate, maintain, expand, modify, and upgrade the Maryland and Grand Gedeh grids, under the licensing of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission (LERC).

Mr. Henry Gahie Hodge, LIBENERGY’s Manager for Maryland and River Gee Counties, is encouraging customers to embrace the new prepaid meters, which aim to streamline the billing process and ensure efficient energy use. “We encourage every customer to take advantage of the opportunity by purchasing their prepaid meters,” Manager Hodge emphasized. He highlighted the company’s commitment to engaging with local communities through meetings in Harper and Pleebo to foster dialogue, address concerns, and strengthen partnerships.

Since its inception in May 2023, LIBENERGY has focused on delivering quality services, resulting in improved power stability in the regions it serves. The company has prioritized customer service and undertaken numerous developments to fulfill its contract obligations effectively.

In December 2023, LIBENERGY hosted a training session in Abidjan for regional managers, covering effective communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, employee development, compliance, and network management. Technicians and engineers received specialized training in transformer maintenance, network upkeep, and troubleshooting. Additionally, all technical staff have been equipped with comprehensive personal protective equipment (PPE) and essential tools for network maintenance operations.

LIBENERGY has also made significant investments in its workforce and infrastructure. Staff salaries have been increased by more than 200% compared to previous LEC rates, and well-furnished offices with internet access have been established to support administrative operations. The company has procured the first consignment of materials necessary for upgrading the grid and provided motorbikes to facilitate the movement of technical staff.

Despite these advancements, Manager Hodge acknowledges that more work is needed, particularly in vegetation clearing to ensure consistent power stability. He also highlighted the need for a vehicle to transport materials to distant areas like Fish Town and Toe’s Town.

For the continued growth and delivery of quality services, Manager Hodge urged all electricity users in the southeast to pay their bills and support the new prepaid meter system. He stressed the importance of combating power theft, which undermines energy service providers. “Everyone who yearns for development should totally hate and treat power theft as an enemy,” he stated, expressing optimism that consumers will eventually enjoy six months of uninterrupted power.

Mr. J. Winston C. Johnson, LIBENERGY’s Administrative Supervisor for Maryland and River Counties, emphasized the legal requirement for all grid users to purchase and use a meter. Single-phase meters will be available for $120, payable in full or in installments of $26 over five months, while three-phase meters will be priced at $330, with an installment option of $66 over five months. Johnson warned against meter theft, stating that each meter can be tracked and any theft would lead to severe legal consequences, including charges of power theft as a first-degree felony.

With these initiatives, LIBENERGY aims to enhance electricity service delivery, promote fair billing practices, and foster community cooperation in Maryland and River Gee Counties.

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