LFM Condemns Breach of Farmington Agreement and Provocations by CDC Partisans


Liberia First Movement strongly condemns the recent breach of the Farmington Agreement by the ruling party of President George Weah, which continues to disregard the principles of political decorum and fair play. We express our deep concern over the continuing provocations against other political parties by partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

On August 5, 2023, the National Election Commission declared the start of the campaign period leading up to the upcoming elections. It is deeply troubling that the CDC, under the leadership of George M. Weah, resorted to provocative actions by parading through the streets of Monrovia with caskets bearing pictures of the opposition leader of the Unity Party and former Vice President of Liberia.

Liberia First Movement vehemently denounces such actions, as they undermine the spirit of the Farmington Agreement and create an atmosphere of hostility and division within our nation. Instead of fostering a peaceful and inclusive democratic process, the ruling party has chosen to lay the platform for potential violence and disruption.

We call upon the National Election Commission and the international community to closely observe the electoral process, ensuring that it remains free, fair, and transparent. It is imperative that all political parties adhere to the principles outlined in the Farmington Agreement, which promotes unity, respect, and peaceful engagement among political actors.

Liberia First Movement appeals to all Liberians to reject any form of violence, intimidation, or incitement during this critical period. We urge the ruling party to immediately cease all provocative actions and engage in constructive dialogue with other political parties to foster a peaceful electoral environment.

As a movement committed to the principles of democracy, justice, and the well-being of all Liberians, we reiterate our condemnation of the breach of the Farmington Agreement and our dedication to upholding the democratic values that our nation holds dear. We remain vigilant in our pursuit of a fair and transparent electoral process, and we call upon all Liberians to stand together in rejecting any attempts to undermine our democracy.

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