Lebanon’s Government Has Quit, Protesters Have Not

By Anchal Vohra | VOA News |

(Photo Credit: VOA File)Demonstrators wave Lebanese flags during protests near the site of a blast at Beirut’s port area, August 11, 2020.

BEIRUT – A keffiyeh on her head and the Lebanese flag in her hand, Cerine Bader was out on the streets with a mission: to join a revolution against the political elite whom she saw as corrupt, inefficient, and self-serving. She was among thousands of others who had gathered at Martyrs Square in Beirut, the heart of the protests that started in October and took place a short walk from the city’s historic port, now reduced to ashes.

The cataclysmic explosion on August 4 blew plumes of grey and orange smoke into the sky and sent pressure waves rolling across the city from the port. It swallowed whole neighborhoods, shaking the city’s foundations and sending residents flying across their apartments as if with a magic wand.

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