Lebanese troops fire at Israeli drone in south Lebanon as tensions rise

Men sit on a scooter next to a Hezbollah flag, on the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border, as seen from its Israeli side, August 28, 2019. Reuters

The Lebanese army opened fire at an Israeli drone in south Lebanon on Wednesday, two Lebanese security sources and local media said.

A security source told Reuters that troops fired shots from M16 assault rifles. Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun had said on Monday his country had a right to defend itself after an Israeli drone crashed in Beirut suburbs on Sunday.

The National News Agency says the incident happened Wednesday night over the village of Odeisseh, near Marjayoun, near the border with Israel. A Lebanese army statement indicated that the drone had returned to Israel after coming under fire.

The incident comes amid a series of strikes by Israel against Iran’s proxies across the Middle East

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