Leaders As Liars Abductors Pen & Armed Robbers

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa |

Dictators are easy to spot by their intolerance for journalists. Canada had raised concern about Saudi Crown Prince, only to retaliate. So, benefit from muted grace of doubt democratic leaders gave him. The politicians parading themselves as world leaders these days, not only in Africa, is frightening. Children would ask us how it got this bad if they ever make a better life than we do. It used to be communist countries that produced maximum leaders from militia, military or secret service. Theocracies take orders from God, which people have no choice but must obey.

We now have democracies muscling press, suppressing votes by chicanery, hook or crook. As hypocrites, espousing some ideal principles while ruling like dictators and theocracies. All they have to do is hold the flag and declare themselves nationalists protecting “aliens” from coming into their countries. Nationalism and ethnocentrism sell everywhere from Europe, America to Asia. Yet these hypocrites point to Africa’s ethnic cleansing or South Africa’s xenophobia.

If they are liars and cheats, their reign is justified by conservatives that favor their types and political cronies for appointments they can push forward to make the country adaptable to their agenda. The fact that the leader is a liar, cheat, abductors, minorities’ abusers or misogynists matter less compared to their privilege. They lose their moral bearings and justify their assaults on democracy they preach on the very essence of their prejudice.

We have always known that conservative governments always push their power until the check and balance in their system curb their overarching tendencies. It becomes dangerous when their Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary are concentrated in the hands of conservatives. Nothing can check their free reign until the following election swings back. If the people are then tired of their extremist tendencies and tribal wars within parties, they may be voted out.

African countries are filled with leaders old enough to be retired into senile homes. 85-year-old Paul Biya won in Cameroon. But as long as those younger than them take advantage of their reign to enrich their selfish pockets and interest, these leaders sit tight. They use these leaders as cover for those perpetrating the most heinous crimes. Indeed, they comfort one another by comparing which of the criminal leaders are worse: Lairs, Abductors, Pen or Armed Robbers.

Developed countries sow the seed of discord and disruption in developing countries by supporting military coups, corrupt leaders and Vagabonds In Power as long as they get concessions, one-way free trade that favors them and their multinational companies like Enron in the name of self-centered liberalized trade and “democracy”. Any government that protests against exploitation of their masses are severely punished or overthrown. Ask for Lumumba!

No, we are not getting to the end of the world. Intolerance is gaining strength and those on top of the world Order are losing grip of the same democracy they are now trying to curtail by voters’ suppression. The developing countries they invaded for cheap natural resources and labor are waking up and demanding a piece of the pie made impossible at home with their cheap natural resources and slave labor benefiting the countries of the neo-colonialists.

Immorality has been with us for ages but outright in-your-face hypocrisy unveiled by the intolerance of religious men, known to be conservative all along, voting about 80 percent for conservative extremist candidates into governments. Do not forget these are the clergies that blessed slaves and promised them their reward in heaven. The more they profess support for the poor, the stronger is their support for conservatives or maximum rulers. Theocracy have a great deal in common with democratic dictatorship where minority find loop-holes to govern.

More so, clergy immorality got exposed by unveiling sexual abuse either in the Catholic Church or in the Mosques. Again, the defense of the Catholic Church caught red handed is reform after it became known that the higher hierarchy covered up known sexual abusers in their midst and transferred them to other dioceses where they continued the abuse. They claimed other faiths   are worse than them and their sins are less. So, what type of abuse can be strange to them?

If the leaders are educated civilians, some folks rationalize their kleptomaniac tendency by claiming corruption is not stealing! When challenged that their leaders are drug barons, 419s and ritualists caught in Okija or Oshogbo shrines, they ask for proof. They breed civil servants that are so corrupt, no file will move without bribes which they claim is excused, as “family allowance”. Leaders lecture and denounce every ill in the community but theirs.

If their leader and those surrounding him are pen robbers, they claim they are much better than armed robbers that kill people. These leaders may even be tough on drug dealers and armed robbers as in the Philippines; some use firing squads to end lives with justification that killers deserve to die. The armed robbers wonder aloud or if they are on trials, why leaders dodging taxes, stealing million and billions are getting away when all they stole was much less.

If the leaders themselves are armed robbers or military that seized power at gunpoint or loot the treasury dry; they claim they are better than bloody civilians that promised everything but delivered none. These military men then start their own five or ten years development plans. Most of their plans usually follow the same blueprint of the civilians they overthrew. Since most are zombie soldiers, they look for obsequious civil servant willing to take orders.

Sometimes it is hard to believe how dictators, liars, cheats and criminals justify and elevate themselves above one another and got to lead their countries. Ritualists would ask you if the wine and bread served in church is not a ritual from blood and flesh. They point to the stoning of the devil in Mecca as ritual. After all, Abrahamic religions follow the sacrifice of their sons to their God. If one son is spared in the Bible, there were many killed before him as rituals.

No amount of barrier will keep western countries out of poor countries since their countries were developed with slave labor and cheap natural resources. These developing countries were disrupted, their leaders assassinated as we saw in Congo and Libya; then tumult planted within them by selling arms to opposing sides. Now that they want some of the relief enjoyed in the developed world, borders are shut and they are told they cannot come in: Fix your country!

Reasonable people would conclude that there is no evil perpetrated on our fellow humans that these leaders cannot justify. We are falling into bottomless pit of violence in jungle fever where the survival of the fittest becomes the norm again, which we thought our civilized ways erased centuries ago. Those claiming they are “civilized” have been exposed as hypocrites electing despotic leaders in the so-called democratic countries where majority votes lose elections.

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