LDEA Must Be Given Support Financially To Professionally Track Down Drugs Cartels

OUR ATTENTION HAS been drawn to recent revelations by the Director of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Col. Abraham Kromah when he disclosed news discovering a new drug, Zombie, currently on the Liberian market.

 AS THE PROLIFERATION of drug cartels continue  on the increase in Liberia, and the latest discovering of one of the deadliest substances, Zombie, by the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), the agency says it has arrested a 44-year-old renowned Nigerian man, Mr. Jeff Hardy for been in possession of what is believe to be drugs.

WITH THIS LATEST arrest by the LDEA, Liberians continue to ask as to who are behind the importation of these dangerous substances that continue to pose endanger to the lives of the country’s future leaders amid the surprised arrival of Kush and Zombie drugs.

LAST YEAR A FEMALE officer of the entity while appearing before the National Legislature was vocal in her approach with the aim of exposing drugs users. However, she lamented that the war against illicit drugs use in Liberia was a tough task owing to the involvement of top VIPs including some lawmakers who she did not name. One of them, she claimed, was caught with bags of marijuana and cocaine powder at a checkpoint and he got away with them.

AUTHORITY AT THE LDEA, must double their professional efforts in tracking down those who are perceived importers, but are hiding under the guise of  officials of government, and other high places of work.

HER REVELATIONS TO the lawmakers drew huge attention as many of them requested that she name those lawmakers she claimed were being shielded and escorted by security officers to a waiting SUV. When she was demanded by the angry lawmakers she declined, and said “I won’t call his name before I be held in contempt, and for security reasons.

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