LDEA Arrests Man With US$85K Worth Of Heroin In Nimba County

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent| Nimba County|

Officers of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agencies (LDEA) in Nimba have arrested a man named as Nathan Zawolo who is believed to be in his early twenties of carrying nine raps of heroine drug in the LPRC community in Ganta, Nimba County. According to our Correspondent in the County, quoting sources at the LDEA, the arrest was made October 1st in the LPRC community in Ganta.

Following LDEA interrogation, the suspected who is currently in detention said the consignment of the heroin was given to him by one of his friends who he said is working for a Nigerian national in Monrovia.

The DEA has at the same time assure the public that they are going to use their information to get to those who names were mentioned by the suspect who are facilitating drugs activism In their position.

For his part the suspect told the GNN that it was one of his friends who he noted has encouraged him to have entered into such business which he has no Idea on.

He further said that when he was given the assignment he had no idea on how to start the business, and it was how he informed one of the LDEA officers who is one of his friends on the business but the LDEA took hold of him.

Suspect Nathan is meanwhile appealing to the DEA and the justice system not to convict him because he was not interested in the business any more that was how he informed the LDEA. According to the DEA the estimated cost of the drug Is around $85,000 thousands Liberian dollars.

Suspect Nathan Zawolo is expected to be sent to court shortly while the DEA investigate through their intelligence that is providing information on those who are alleged by Nathan.

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