LCC Holds First Business Luncheon -Wants Attractive Business Climate

Business executives at the luncheon

The Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 had its first Monthly Business Luncheon; a. forum where policy and decision makers exchange views on trending economic issues, business experiences.

During the one-day program held at a local hotel in Sinkor, LCC President J. Wendell Addy gave detail information on the Chamber’s program activities as it relates to trade policy, advocacy and advice to the private sector.

Speakers at the Luncheon

Speaking further, Mr. Addy said Liberians should work together in order to create attractive investment Climate in the country. Mr. Addy called on Liberians and their partners to work together in revising the economy.

Scene from the luncheon as LCC President. Mr. Wendell Addy Chats with executives of the business community

He said to achieve this, the issue of work permit, residence permit should be look at to entice investors who want to do business in the country. “We are working with ministries of Justice, Labor among others to have all of these documents that are required,” he said.

Mr. Charles Bright (Far right). President George Weah economic adviser also found part of this unique occasion

According to him, the LCC is willing to work with businesses in the country in order to move the economy to appreciable level that everyone will be proud off. This, he said the private sector is ready to take the lead in such endeavor as partner to the Liberian Government.

Officials take snap after the luncheon

During the Luncheon at a local hotel in sinkor, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Wilson K. Tarpeh, Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah and Geoffrey Oestriecher, Resident Representative of the World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF) served as panelists and gave their expertise.

Some of the topics highlighted by the speakers include: the functions and roles of their respective entities and other stakeholders in de-risking the private sector for economic expansion, growth and sustainability; program agenda for the business community; the consultative decision making process in the formulation of policies, regulations and laws affecting businesses and the economy across line ministries, agencies and international institutions where applicable; the challenges, and prospects of private sector business environment among others.

For his part, Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh said his ministry will ensure a proper and friendly partnership with the private sector aim at making it vibrant for everyone.

“Private investors will need a meaningful security and we are willing to support a private sector that will work toward a rule-based economy and there will be no exception to this,” he said.

Minister Tarpeh also said anything that is locally produced will be protected and import will be restricted, saying “we want to support a private sector that is rules base so they can be able to stand the time. We will consult with you at all times. We will need help from LCC to build the capacity of small businesses.”

Also speaking, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah said the gathering was critical to the country and pledged his unflinching supports to the already existing relationship.

“We need to walk the walk ensuring the success of the economy. It is possible for all of us. We should ensure that we are all on the same page at the same time through practical actions to achieve,” he said.

Minister Tweah also said it is in the plan of the government to elevate the business climate and significantly ensure the private sector moves in the right directions.

“Liberian businesses that are doing well need to be supported. We don’t need to create additional laws, we need to implement those existing laws,” he added. For his part, IMF Resident Representative, Geoffrey Oestriecher pledged the unflinching supports of his office in helping the private sector in Liberia.

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