LAC Employee Grinds To Pieces At Company’s Rubber Processing Site In Grand Bassa County

The late Emmanuel Joe – the photo of the incident could not be published due to graphical look

Reports from the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) in Wee Statutory District, Grand Bassa County says one of the company’s workers, identified as Emmanuel Joe, 30, met his untimely death at the Company’s processing factory when he was grinded to pieces by a rubber processing machine on Friday night on August 20, 2021.

Joe, who was a Mechanic at LAC, met his death at between 11Pm to 12 am after the machine used to grind the raw rubber went off, while he was trying to sort out a problem it had experience that he was called in to solve.

According to information gathered, while the deceased was in the process of trying to fix the machine, the tragedy occurred.

A co-worker, who never knew that he was servicing that particular machine, was said to have switched it on, allegedly causing the deceased to somersault and went directly into the mouth of that machine, thus grinding him to pieces.

However, one of the lawmakers of the County, Vincent Willie has expressed disgust over the manner which the management of LAC is not showing concern of the death of its employees since the incident occurred.

Representative Willie also disclosed that he will take the management to the Plenary of the House of Representatives for not showing remorse in the untimely death of its employees. However, according to report in the county, the management up to date has not spoken on the issue.

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