Kosovo Veterans, Police Clash At Parliament Amid Protest Over Pensions

Veterans protest in Pristina against the law on minimum wage on June 6.

Hundreds of war veterans have clashed with police in Pristina after they tried to break through barriers to enter Kosovo’s National Assembly to demand an increase in pensions.

Police in riot gear shot tear gas to try to disperse the crowd on June 6 as lawmakers debated a proposal to hike the minimum monthly payment to 250 euros ($268) from the current 170 euros.

Police said two police officers and a civilian were injured in the clashes.

Faton Klinaku, the acting leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans’ Organization, said the protest was necessary because lawmakers were trying to exclude the veterans from an increase laid out in minimum-wage legislation being considered.

A vote on the law failed to take place because there wasn’t a quorum in the legislature.

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