Kinjor Bloodbath: What Really Went Wrong?

Last week the concession area of Bea Mountain Mining Company in KinJor, Grand Cape Mount County was a scene of bloodbath when dozens of citizens of the county resolved to protest in demand of what they called ‘Bad Labour Practices’, and other unbearable working conditions.

The workers’ protest which brought together hundreds angry employees of the company drew the presence of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police on the plantation, a situation which resulted to the firing of live bullets by the ERU led several wounded with two reportedly dead.

The action of the workers, and the intensity of the protest also drew the concern of the Speaker of the 55th National Legislature, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa who set up a committee headed by Montserrado County Electoral District#7 Representative, Emmanuel Dahn to immediately probe the incident that reportedly led to the death of two citizens and wounding several others. However, the committee met the management of the company and citizens. The Minister of Labour also dispatched a committee last week to the area to also probe the situation.

According to our Correspondent in the county, as the situation got intensified, a pickup load of Police Support Unit (PSU), three persons were reported feared dead, after PSU officers who arrived on the scene from Monrovia fired live bullet.

But police spokesman Moses Carter said, according to what he gathered from his officers in this County no one died as a result of live bullet.

Meanwhile the Liberia National Police has confirmed the death of two persons in the kinjor Bea Mountain saga.

Prior to this official disclosure, the LNP Inspector General Gregory Coleman, told a Press Conference at the Executive Mansion that the LNP was only informed of the death of one person.

There are reports that about three persons were killed during the riot in the mining area.

But addressing the Press on Saturday March 2, 2024, IGP Coleman said he was informed of the death of another person this morning prior to the Press Briefing.

However, Col. Coleman has assured the Public of the LNP willingness to investigate and discover circumstances that led to their officers releasing firearm.

Meanwhile, the LNP has established what it calls the “Old File Case Unit” to investigate all cases that were unresolved during the past.

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