Kenyan nurse stabbed to death by patient in the US

By Ruth Mbula/Nation

Kenyan nurse June Onkundi who was stabbed to death in the US.

A Kenyan nurse was on Tuesday stabbed to death in North Carolina, United States, while discharging her duties at a mental health care centre.

June Onkundi, who hailed from Kisii County and was working as a nurse practitioner in Durham City, met her death after she was attacked with a knife by a mentally deranged patient she was taking care of, killing her on the spot.

Police later arrived and took the suspect into custody.

The suspected murderer, James Gomes, 47, who was described by local TV stations as a serial criminal who has allegedly spent more than half of his life in prison, is said to have been released recently after serving time in jail for other criminal violations.

A local TV in Raleigh, ABC 11, described the deceased as, “mother, wife, sister, cousin and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Jane Onkundi was the epitome of love, taken too soon while doing exactly what she loved.”

“For us as family members, it is very painful we are saddened that the same very population she had the passion and desire to help is the one that finally took her away from us and left us now grieving with four children and a husband,” said Andrew Nyabwari, a brother-in-law to the slain nurse.

The incident happened at a psychiatric centre known as Freedom House Recovery Center where police were called to intervene on an emergency but arrived to find the Kenyan nurse already killed.

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