Kaipeng Urges Liberians To Maintain Beauty Of SKD

The Project Manager of Hebei Construction Group Shao Kaipeng is calling on all Liberians within the #15 political subdivision of the country to maintain and keep Samuel Kanyan Doe (SKD) sports complex beauty alive.

Hebei Construction Group is a state-owned enterprise in Hebei province established in September 1997. It is a provincial state-owned assets authorized management agency under the state assets supervision and administration commission of direct regulation of the People’s government of Hebei province.

It can be recalled on August 29, 2019 that the government of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China signed Technical Agreement for the extension of the Chinese assistance project at SKD.

The new facilities that were added include; the Electronic or Fire Control, Monitoring and sound systems which aimed at expanding the facilities of the ongoing China-Aided renovation project of the complex.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with scope of Journalists on Tuesday, the project Manager said “We are calling on all the people to work and maintain the beauty of the complex because this is where you play big matches and practice sports,” Kaipeng said.

He indicated that in order for the complex to be unique they need the collaboration of every Liberians, noting that many people during games throw garbage and destroyed things on the stadium which he said is not good for the country.

“I do not understand why people will come to watch game and break the things that can make the stadium beautiful, why will they throw garbage on the stadium, ” Kaipeng stressed.

He said people should exhibit moral discipline at the ground of the stadium, indicating that moral discipline set the platform to put the country at international standard.

According to him, they are six Chinese Technicians and #10 Liberians that work daily at the complex, “we used six months period to renovate the complex and work very hard to keep the complex at the level it is today.”

“We do more work during the dry season and look after our equipment but we are challenged to do more electrical work during the rainy season because of our security which is a major obstacle for our work,” he said.

Meanwhile, he is calling on the government to employ more people at the SKD in order to clean the garbage after games, adding that they also need the government to increase the security during the time of game to protect the equipment.

He lauded the Liberian government for a fruitful relationship and extends gratitude to the Liberian staff for a cordial relationship for over a year.

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