Justifications Of GNN-Liberia 2023 Award Winners’ List Released

After nearly three weeks of professional review of our awardees by a team of our staff in charge of the 2023 personalities of the year, the Management of Global News Network Incorporated, publisher of the GNN-Liberia, is pleased to release the names of our 2023 Heros and heroines who have made greater impact in the lives of their fellow compatriots and country during the year 2023 under review.

Global News Network, Incorporated which was established on January 15, 1998 by a Liberian journalist, Joel Cholo Brooks who previously worked for several international news entities, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) African Service, is passionate in the field of professional journalism.

Prior to the official release of our personalities of the year to be awarded according to their professional level of contributions made in the interest of the country and its people, we are honoured to present to them their respective Awards.

Official presentation of Awards will take place on the 19th of January, 2024 in the conference room of the YMCA Crown Hill, Broad at 10AM.

 Our Man of the Year -2023 title goes to Liberia’s 25th President, H.E. George Manneh Weah for his recent historic decision taken during the country’s presidential runoff election which made it unbelievable to many Liberians when he conceded amid  disappointment from some partisans of the ruling CDC of such decision by the Liberian leader.

Despite dissatisfaction from members of the ruling CDC for the President’s action to concede defeat, the Liberian leader was internationally applauded by world leaders for such a significant move, urging other African and world leaders to follow the example of the Liberian leader.

GNN-Liberia Woman of the Year– 2023 title also goes to the Chairperson of theNational Elections Commission (NEC), madam Davidetta Browne Lansanah, who during these elections stood the test of time amid public hullabaloo of her reported intent to declare the elections in favour of the ruling establishment, and that her life would have been threatened if she did otherwise.

Amid these threatening statements, madam Browne-Lansanah and her team at the NEC was not deterred but took the bull by the horn to independently declare the elections result in favour of the opposition presidential candidate in person of the Unity Party (UP) Joseph Nyumah Boakai; even though this result did not go down well with some executives of the ruling CDC. Her work was also applauded by authorities of ECOWAS, EU, AU, UN and other world leaders for the conduct of a free, fair and transparent elections under the watchful eyes of the NEC Chairperson and her able team of commissioners and elections workers.

Our Lawmaker of the Year– 2023 is Montserrado Senator, Saah Joseph; his nationalistic contributions over the last year has proven that his services to the Liberian people has no border. Senator Joseph legislatively performed well amongst his colleagues, advocating for the wellbeing of the country and its people.

In addition to his responsibilities as Senator of one of Liberia’s popular counties, ‘Senator Joseph’ as he is affectionately called, humanitarian services has overwhelmed the country.  This gesture has been felt in every sector of the Liberian society; at the educational level, Senator Joseph has built a gigantic University building aimed providing affordable university education. Another selfless initiative the Senator has undertaken is affordable transport services for commuters. His humanitarian services has overwhelmed the entire country with people describing him as a politician and humanitarian without border to the country and its people.

For these reasons and many more, those who submitted nomination for the selection of the Senator overwhelmingly justified that indeed he should be considered for this award.

The Politician of the Year – 2023 is Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence. who is also the political leader of the Liberty Party, during the year under review it was observed that the Senator did exemplify great outstanding leadership both in her function as member of the 54th National Legislature, and also at the level of her political institution, Liberty Party.

Her outstanding leadership role played demonstrated during an internal crisis that engulfed the Liberty Party which led to a split up, amid this, the Senator managed to lead her segment of the party, forging an alliance with the Unity Party.

Within the Unity Party Alliance, the Grand Bassa County Senator leadership role was highlighted again when she, though tipped for vice running-mate to UP Standard Bearer, put aside her personal ego and gave up the position in the prime interest of the Unity Party’s 2023 Elections victory. This political leadership earned her the title, Rescue Mother in the Unity Party rescue mission.

This demonstration of selfless political leadership was a huge incentive for the overwhelming selection by cross section of those who submitted entries to the GNN 2023 personality award. Senator Karnga-Lawrence is convincingly the best pick for the GNN-Liberia Politician of the Year, 2023.

Our Minister of the Year – 2023 is Ruth Coker-Collins one of the hardworking female Ministers under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led by President George Manneh Weah was nominated by over 45 entries submitted by Liberians who have overwhelmingly applauded the hard work of this female Public Works Minister.

Those who submitted entries for the nomination of this Public Works Minister recounted her professional services amid huge challenges being faced in addressing the deplorable road condition nationwide, many believe that her hard work following her appointment has eased many of these problems.

She was always on the field, according to the entries submitted as compared to others who only made such move occasionally, “Minister Coker-Collins despite of her gender, was always making sure that assigned contracts to companies were appropriately done as required by the Liberian laws as per the contracts, she further stood the test of time in the implementation of road contracts, and the fulfilment of other contracts under her watchful eyes.

Our Foreign Investor of the Year– 2023 is ArcelorMittal, Liberia’s largest foreign direct investments, and the highest contributor to government revenue in the extractive industry.

It is the largest employer in Liberia’s private sector, over the year this company has contributed immensely to the growth and rapid development of Liberia, its support to the Liberian media has overwhelmed the sector.

During the year under review, it was noted that the ArcelorMittal prioritizes not only keeping its employees safe and healthy, but also providing opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. It has invested extensively in employee education, health and safety.

Here in Liberia, the company has gone a step further, opening and running hospitals and school systems to offer free healthcare and education to employees and employee dependents, as well as subsidized services to local residents. ArcelorMittal Liberia considers investments in the people to be a necessity for responsible corporate citizenship. Enriching Our Communities

On a regular basis the company engage with communities worldwide to contribute to their social and economic development. Every ArcelorMittal operation across the world is an integral part of its local community, and contribute to economic development by providing jobs, building local infrastructure and creating opportunities for local businesses to supply our operations. For example, our mining project is one of the biggest foreign investments in Liberia and we actively encourage others to follow our lead.

The company contribution is not limited to economic development. We also work with regional communities on local health and education projects. Our contribution is not limited to economic development. We also work with regional communities on local health and education projects. In an effort to improve health and safety in the communities in which ArcelorMittal Liberia operates, the Safety Club initiative was established in 2011 in 50 schools in Grand Bassa, Bong and Nimba counties, particularly in schools along the rail line and service roads. Safety Clubs comprise of ten students, proportionately divided into five boys and five girls. During June 2018, a refresher training was conducted to ensure the messages of health & safety remains a priority.

With these reasons, nominations came from both Liberians back home and abroad lauding the professional services of the company to the people of Liberia.

Our Committed Company of the Year – is Conex, this company was originally established in the mid-1980s as Conex International and re-established and incorporated as Conex Oil and Gas Holdings in 2005 by its Founder, Chairman/CEO Cherif M. Abdallah, a Liberian International Business Executive who prides himself on Liberianization/Africanization and the expansion of the Liberian and African private sectors.

Mr. Abdallah prefers to be looked at as the private sector architect; he previously served as President of the Liberia Petroleum Importers Association, Councilman on the Executive Council of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Africa Venture Capital Association.

Since its inception, Conex has expanded from one company to thirteen companies operating in the following sectors, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. Conex operates in five different African countries and the Middle East under Conex Oil and Gas Holdings, Ltd. Today Conex can boast of 2,000+ direct and indirect employees. This is our commitment to reducing the high unemployment rate in Liberia and West Africa.

Through the Conex Foundation, its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Conex continues to implement community development projects, educational programs, including scholarships, school remodeling, road construction and safe drinking water in devastated communities in Liberia and other African countries.

Information gathered has uncovered that Conex Group of Companies is now the largest indigenous owned Oil and Gas Company in the Mano River Union and expanding to other countries on the continent and progressively becoming one of the largest independent Oil and Gas Companies in West Africa. The acquisition of TOTAL Liberia, and the acquisition of TOTAL Sierra Leone.

GNN-Liberia Financial Institution of the Year -2023 is Bukonjadeh Group of Companies, a 100% Liberian owned company is headed by Elton Johns its services have overwhelmed Liberians, many of who are financially unstable.

Established since April 25,2008 to provide financial assistance to students of the University of Liberia with God been the pillow of strength over the years, the company has helped during its services on the campus of the University at the time over 100 students both primarily and secondary respectively.

Currently the company’s loan service seems to have no border in its service provider, prominent individuals including lawmakers are making use of its loan services, and is also supporting several existing government institutions. It is a non-governmental entity which has over the year, and currently working with the disadvantaged youth in providing mentorship and direction for them.

Cllr. Soni Karnga Williams founder

GNN-Liberia Academic Institution of the Year – 2023 is the Cyber-Ed Christian School of Excellence (“CCS”). The Cyber-Ed Christian School of Excellence (“CCS”) during the year under review has impacted the educational wellbeing of young Liberians, especially those opting for improved cyber-education in Liberia.

According sources closed to the institution, Cyber-Ed was founded in 2012 by Cllr. Soni Karnga Williams as a Christian School of Excellence.

Class of 2023, Cyber-Ed Christian School of Excellence

The school started as a home school and was later expanded to a day school in 2015. CCS, started as an elementary and junior high school. In 2019, CCS elevated to a senior high school and held its first high school graduation. To date, CCS has a 100% passage rate in the WAEC and WAASCE exams.

The Cyber-Ed Christian School of Excellence is a private international school based on Christian principles and a proud member of the Association of Christian Schools International. CCS utilizes online educational programs as well as more traditional methods to teach a Pre-K through high school core curriculum that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM) education and the development of strong communication skills.

This blended and holistic approach to education allows our students to successfully compete with their counterparts in the rest of the world and develop a lifelong love of learning in academics and the arts.

During the year 2023, this institution has made several headlines in its achievements not limited to 100% WAEC and WASSCE passage rate, 100% High School to College success rate, the  entire 2023 graduating class was accepted at Voorhees University, Denmark, South Carolina, USA on partial or full scholarship, Partnerships with International Universities and Colleges, A successful S.T.E.A.M. Program, Successful implementation of a rigorous College Preparatory Program, An enhanced music and arts program, Commitment to Community Service Project, Partial and full needs based scholarships, and  Diverse student body.

Its founder, Cllr. Soni Karnga Williams who is also Counsellor-at-Law. Prior to Cyber-Ed, she served as Director of Child Justice Division at the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Liberia. Cllr. Williams established the Law Office of Soni K. Williams in Jonesboro, Georgia where she operated as Managing Partner for 12 years.

Cllr. Williams earned a BA in Political Science and Government from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts and a Juris Doctor from The American University, Washington School of Law. She later earned a certificate in Higher Education Training from the prestigious Harvard University. She also earned a certificate in International Relations from Mount Holyoke College. She is a Singer/Songwriter and a Recording Artist with over 16 original Christian songs.

The Male Security Expert of the Year – 2023 Award goes to the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), James Henric Pearson II, his professional handling of security matters for the country has won him lots of admirations before and during the year, 2023 under review.

The construction of a modern state-of-art headquarters of the NSA at White Plains, Montserrado County with this achievement under the leadership of Director Pearson has brightened the image of the National Security to the world  and has also avoided the Liberian government from spending thousands of the United States Dollars for rental fees for the agency yearly.

The three-storey headquarters complex was negotiated and built during the administration of President Weah in a year time. The new complex was inaugurated on April 2, 2021.

GNN-Liberia Female Security Expert of the Year – 2023 goes to an agent of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Officer Martha Goll Massaley. During the year under review, she exhibited a high level of professionalism by tracking down dangerous drugs users in Monrovia and its environs.

During one of her appearances at the National Legislature she was vocal in her approach with the aim of exposing drugs users. However, she lamented that the war against illicit drugs use in Liberia was a tough task owing to the involvement of top VIPs like some lawmakers who she did name. One of them, she claimed, was caught with bags of marijuana and cocaine powder at a checkpoint and he got away with them.

Her revelations to the lawmakers drew huge attention as many of them requested that she name those lawmakers she claimed were being shielded and escorted by security officers to a waiting SUV. When she was demanded by the angry lawmakers she declined, and said “I won’t call his name before I be held in contempt, and for security reasons. He came driving in his big car. And the female officer stopped the car and said ‘Sir, can I just look in that car. She did not know him, but I know him and some of my colleagues know him. And he said even if you search my car and see anything there, you can’t do anything about it. So, no need for you to search my car. So, she said yes Chief, but please give me the benefit of the doubt let me just look in the car. When she opened the car, there was the bag of drugs, marijuana one bag, the cocaine parlor (powder) there, the heroin Parlor (powder) there. when I saw it, I got up, in an attempt to approach him, already we had bitter blood… he pulled off with the car.”

This sparked outrage among members of the House of Representatives and a day after FrontPage Africa broke the story, Massaley and her boss, Director Zehyoue found themselves in the midst of a very charged Plenary and being bombarded with questions from all angles of the ‘sacred’ chambers.

However, Massaley admitted to making the allegation but said that she was not referring to any member of the current 54th Legislature; rather to a member who served the legislature during ‘previous administration.” She openly apologized to the lawmakers and beg for pardon.

Our Youth Leader Extraordinaire of the Year is brilliant young Liberian, Benedict Tokpa Danuweli during the year under review stood as the epitome of a  and his exceptional contributions as the Coordinator of EQUIP Leadership Liberia makes him a highly deserving candidate for the 2023 Global News Network award.

Operating across six counties in Liberia, the Beyond Success Program led by Benedict has played a crucial role in empowering thousands of Liberians, especially the youths – to learn to lead from the place of values. His visionary leadership has not only allowed these individuals to cultivate essential skills but has also instilled in them the confidence to initiate transformative change in their respective spheres of influence.

In 2023, Benedict further demonstrated his commitment to societal betterment by spearheading a campaign that educated Liberian youths on voting for competence, integrity, and individuals with the right motives. This initiative not only underscored his dedication to civic engagement but also highlighted his determination to ensure his country (especially the youth) sees a generation of ethical and responsible leaders.

Benedict’s impact goes beyond grassroots empowerment; his leadership is evident in the Institutional Capacity Development Project at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), a collaboration with the Swedish Tax Agency. In this role, he has been a driving force behind enhancing the LRA’s capacity to generate domestic resources. One of his notable achievements includes playing a pivotal role in developing a bespoke leadership program for leaders within the nation’s revenue house, showcasing his ability to catalyse positive organizational change.

In summary, Benedict Tokpa Danuweli’s leadership journey, from empowering Liberian youths through EQUIP Leadership Liberia to driving institutional capacity development at the Liberia Revenue Authority, is truly extraordinary in 2023. His capacity to inspire positive change at both grassroots and institutional levels is a testament to his vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to ethical leadership. Benedict’s recognition as the “Youth Leader Extraordinaire – 2023” not only honors his remarkable achievements but also serves as an inspiration for youth leaders globally, reinforcing the transformative power of ethical and visionary leadership.

GNN-Liberia Businessman of the Year is Upjit Singh Sachdeva, who is popularly known as Jeety has been considered by many Liberians as a true and committed businessman who has spent many years in Liberia to help build the struggling Liberian economy; his recent initiative to establish a state-of-the-art T Rubber Factory which is strategically located in Weala, Cinta District, Margibi County has overwhelmingly won him lots of admirations from Liberians and the international community.

Jeety a visionary business tycoon and initiative to open such an investment in Liberia has been lauded as the factory will make a substantial impact on the lives of smallholder farmers and the national economy, noting that such venture is a significant stride towards Liberia’s quest for value additions as it will process raw rubber into refined products ready for export and domestic use.

Speaking to journalists during the year in review, Jeety said, “Our goal has always been to contribute to Liberia’s economic development by not only adding value to the country’s natural resources but also creating employment opportunities for the local community, the factory is 98 percent completed and, in a month or two by the grace of God, we will start the production.  The completion is a testament to our commitment to this vision as well as generating numerous employment opportunities for the local population, thereby contributing to poverty reduction and skills development, Sachdeva said.

Apart from this new development, over the years, Jeety quest to feed hundreds of disadvantaged Liberians including the elderly on a daily basis has won the hearts of many of those who delivered entries for his nomination to be named as our Businessman of the year, 2023.

Our Rights Advocate of the Year – 2023 is Jefferson Knight of the Human Rights Monitor of the United Methodist Church in Liberia has been selected as GNN-Liberia Rights Advocate of the year due to his series of advocacies ally in the interest of the Liberian people, especially those whose rights have been tempered during the years in review.

During the year under review, Knight called on Members of the Liberian Legislature to engage in acts that will improve the living conditions of ordinary Liberians, noting that the current Lawmakers of the Country are not working in the interests of the Liberians people but are bent on their personal ventures, this statement by the rights advocate was applauded by Liberians who agreed with him.

Advocating further, Mr. Knight noted that the Legislators are not proactive in terms of performing their oversight responsibilities, and also decried the high level of ritualistic killing in Montserrado County and that the Legislators are not concerned about these situations.

With these advocacies on the part of Jefferson Knight, Liberians who witnessed his performances during the year, submitted exclusive entries nominating him as 2023 advocate of the year.

International NGO of the Year – 2023 is United Nations Women in Liberia, affectionately call UN Women, UN Agency for gender equality & women’s empowerment, has over the years under took the empowerment of women in Bong, Nimba, and Lofa Counties to amplify the impact of the “Buy from Women” Platform or App, strengthen connections for women farmers and entrepreneurs, its contributions to women during the year under review has been noticed by our panel of nominating committee after viewing its many services in Liberia.

Its many support to end Female genital mutilation (FGM) which is  not a work of playing politics, but rather about the welfare of women and girls in Liberia has greatly overwhelmed many of those who submitted their entries for the selection of International NGO of the year.

UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian.

This organization supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality, and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide

GNN-Liberia Radio Station of the Year, 2023 is Truth FM 96.1; its professional and balanced news gathering and reporting has overly won the hearts of many of those who submitted their entries to be nominated as GNN-Liberia radio station of the year, 2023.

During the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections, Truth FM in its coverage reported objectively, according to the over 100 entries submitted to the GNN-Liberia notably selected this radio station as the number one most reliable and credible source of information to the public.

All political players during the just ended elections were given equal airtime to discuss their platforms to the public on why they should be elected, this also won the hearts and minds of many for its to be nominated and chosen as Radio Station of the Year, 2023.

Our Businesswoman of the Year – 2023, is an industrious and innovative Liberia entrepreneur madam Wilhelmina Myeonway Cooper, who did something that very few Liberian women manage to do, when she launched her own business.

Passionate about fashion design, Wilhelmina soon realized that she could work with local bag makers and artists to get them to customize bags for clients. She came up with that idea after observing bag sellers at Waterside Market in Liberia’s famous slum, West Point.

But there was one major problem: Wilhelmina couldn’t afford to have a shop where customers could buy her bags. So, in 2015, she opened the Monrovia African Pop-Up Shop. The “shop” is an ongoing exhibition where small business owners gather to showcase and sell their merchandise at Monrovia’s entertainment hotspots.

“It started out as a social enterprise where I could get local market people and small business people to sell their products for free,” Wilhelmina says. The shop has continuously grown over time: Nine vendors took part in the first exhibition and 30 in the second. At the third, in December 2017, 50 businesses were there to sell their products.

Wilhelmina’s success as a woman leading her own businesses is remarkable considering the economic, educational, and reproductive health challenges that burden Liberia’s female population. The country’s workforce and education system were devastated by the compounded effects of 14 years of civil conflict, as well as the school shutdowns during the Ebola crisis. As a result, Liberia’s staggering postwar development was severely affected and the country’s instability has only made it harder for women to get ahead.

Despite these factors and more, the Liberian business woman’s dream of formalizing the Pop-Up Shop into a larger business remains undeterred. Her goal is to expand the enterprise with the help of sponsors and banks. She also said she wants her enterprise to extend to other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. Still, finances are her biggest struggle, as banks deem her business as being too small and high risk to lend money to.

There are a host of other problems Wilhelmina is fighting against to keep her businesses thriving. She has trouble shipping her bags to international clients so she has to pay people who happen to be traveling from Liberia to carry the merchandise by plane and then post them in the respective countries.

But Wilhelmina has stayed committed. “I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing women who are really impressive, who want the best for you, and the best for themselves and this country,” Wilhelmina says. “They’ll tell me about different grants, how to apply, what to do. I have people in my corner who are very strategic.”

“She’s a very influential person,” and it is no doubt that she has won the GNN Liberia 2023 Businesswoman of the Year Award.

GNN-Liberia Teacher of the Year-2023 is Mrs. Christiana Johnson Morris an instructor of the Elizabeth Sele Mubah institute located in Duazon, the RIA highway Margibi County.

Her nomination and subsequent selection as  Class Room Teacher of the year is based on her passion as a professional daycare teacher due to her  hard work as a  caring mother for her students at the ESEMI under her professional guardians has been admired by parents of the kids at the institution through her caring methods of childcare and good human relationship, winning multiples awards as instructor personality of the year on several occasions both at the school, church organizations and community.

Mrs Morris is consistently working hard in contributing the Liberian growing society in the sector, due to all of these qualities and other professional being exhibited at the school, she was overwhelmingly selected her as our Teacher of the Year, 2023.

GNN Liberia National NGO of the Year -2023 goes to Accountability Lab  Liberia for their outstanding work towards fostering issues of accountability and justice in Liberia during the year under review.

Accountability Lab Liberia, based at the bustling iCampus Liberia complex on Snapper Hill in Monrovia, has and continues to use innovative means in the execution of its overarching objective of promoting a just and accountable society where justice is served for all.

Some of the innovative programs by which the organization remains engaged in postwar Liberia and other countries include; Integrity Icon, Voice2Rep, SDG16 Innovation Challenge, and Accountability Music Award

Accountability Lab Liberia is part of a global community of over 14,900 members from 175 countries. The organization is comprised of young Liberian justice defenders, and activists who are passionate about justice, and much more. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible.

The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability and sets a radical example of transparency and integrity within its work, ensuring that monitoring is fitted to context.

Humanitarian of the Year – GNN Liberia humanitarian of the year, 2023 is the Chief Executive officer of the National Toiletries Incorporated (NTI) a 100% Liberian owned company, Mr. Fomba Trawally, a renowned Liberian businessman, and humanitarian has done a lot for the people of Liberia in supplementing their livelihood.

His company, the NTI has successfully placed Liberia on the international market through the manufacturing of quality Paper towels, Napkins, Tissues, Baby pampers, Hand soap, and laundry soap aimed at helping to boost the country’s economic growth through the promotion of the Liberianization policy.

To showcase one his humanitarian services he and his US based brother donated 450,000 Liberian Dollars to the disaster coordination committee in Bong County, including fifty boxes of tissues, fifty boxes of Clorox, and fifty boxes of slippers, among other essential medical items.

Presenting the items, Musa Trawally, Director of Community Development for the African Cultural Alliance of North America in Philadelphia said the move is to identify and sympathize with the affected families.

He said it would help medical the team in charge of those victims work adequately, provide psychological first aid, and quick recovery for the survivors.

Civil Servant of the Year – 2023, this Award goes to Madam Mary Tanyonoh Broh, one of Liberia’s committed Civil Servant who has over the years goes to no one else but Madam Mary Tanyonoh Broh who is currently the Director General of the General Services Agency, (GSA)

The appointment of Madam Broh as head of the Anti-power Theft Task Force for the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has brought a new dynamism to the sector as the team under her watch has been vigorously enforcing the Anti-power Theft Law as a way of curbing the huge wave of power theft in especially urban Liberia.

This act led the LEC to losing millions of United States dollars to power theft. Many had thought that the passage of the Power Theft Law could solve the problem, but following the passage of the law, effective monitoring, still remained a challenge until General Broh, as she is affectionately called, came into the picture with her usual force.

Madam Broh and her team have successfully taken on the task without discrimination in enforcing the law, dealing with all culprits despite what status you may possess in society. She and her team have been leaving no stone unturned or picking and choosing during the implementation of the anti-power theft enforcement.

This action by Madam Broh and team of anti-power theft is highly commendable and serves as a shining example to other public officials who are in the discharge of their public duties. Based on this and many other noteworthy attributes, Madam Broh has been selected as GNN Liberia’s Civil Servant of the year 2023

GNN-Liberia Teacher of the Year-2023 is Mrs. Christiana Johnson Morris an instructor of the Elizabeth Sele Mubah institute located in Duazon, the RIA highway Margibi County.

Her nomination and subsequent selection as  Class Room Teacher of the year is based on her passion as a professional daycare teacher due to her  hard work as a  caring mother for her students at the ESEMI under her professional guardians has been admired by parents of the kids at the institution through her caring methods of childcare and good human relationship, winning multiples awards as instructor personality of the year on several occasions both at the school, church organizations and community.

Mrs Morris is consistently working hard in contributing the Liberian growing society in the sector, due to all of these qualities and other professional being exhibited at the school, she was overwhelmingly selected her as our Teacher of the Year, 2023.


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