Justice On The Horizon, As U.S Documents Brutal Killings

As impunity continues to reign in the republic of Liberia, there is a popular saying in Liberia that goes this, 99 days for rouge and one day for master and the day of the master is coming soon and is seen on the horizon.  As the likes of Justina Taylor, the lady friend of the late Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua arrive in the United States of America to testify and expose the hate and atrocities committed by the CDC led government.

It is expected that the lady friend of the late Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua only identified as Linda is about to tell the world how the former IAA die, the real story. It is expected to be detailed, from the outing at the famous D’Calabash, drinks they had, after they got home, why he came out, how he got out, how his death occurred, who killed him etc. Linda who was a special friend to the late IAA boss Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua was interrogated by the Liberia National Police days after the incident. It is believed that Linda was being chased out of Liberia by the ‘elite death squad’ that Justina Taylor talk about to be exterminated. Linda later fled to Sierra Leone where it is believed that she was picked to go to America.

Other to follow is the wife of the late Melvin B. Early, the EPS agent that was murdered during President George Weah county tour in Tappita city in which authorities of the EPS allege that he shot himself three times in the head. Commenting on the issue, Mrs. Ruth Earley lamented that he receive this distress call from an EPS lady tell her the her husband committed suicide minutes after she had just talk to him on the phone and he was telling that he was about to be killed by this government. These recordings are still in her possession of Mrs. Ruth Earley. Credible intelligent information reaching is that this same ‘elite death squad’ that Justina Taylor talked about is closing on Mrs. Ruth Earley who is said to be in exile and has vow to follow up to a logical conclusion the murder of her husband who has served this country for over 15 years.

It can be recalled that the Government of Liberia, through the Executive Mansion announced that Agent Earley, on Friday, February 19, “shot himself three times in the head” in Tappita, Nimba County while on duty with President George Manneh Weah during the commencement of his county tour.

Speaking from exile, Mrs. Ruth Earley said under no circumstance that my husband will kill himself after all we just talked and he said some worrisome things. She said that she receive this distress call from an EPS lady telling her that her husband committed suicide minutes after she had just talk to him on the phone. He was telling her that he was about to be killed by this government. These recordings are still in her possession of Mrs. Ruth Earley.

Mrs. Ruth Earley challenged the government at the burial of her late husband that he never killed himself and he was killed by someone and the government is not telling the truth.

Mrs. Ruth Earley also spoke during a memorial march of all those that died mysteriously under this government in front of the United States Embassy in Liberia and showed all his training certificates that her husband was trained by the Americans and could not have killed himself.

She also said that before her husband burial, the Government told her to retract statements made by her in-laws at FrontPage Africa newspaper in Monrovia that EPS Agent Melvin Earley did not shoot himself before they could allow her to bury her husband and her reaction was that they could have his body and she will have memorial service for her husband, this statement prompted government to release the body.

She also said that she had to run away for her life after the memorial march at the United States Embassy in Monrovia after she was tailed by unknown men believed to be government paid hitmen. She also said that the government refused to give her the bullet that killed her husband after she had requested it. She also said that when she had an opportunity to view her husband’s body, she noticed a bullet mark in his stomach, a bullet mark in his head after the government had earlier said that he shot himself three times in the head.

She also said that up to the time she escaped for her life, the government had refused to give her dead husband’s salary, insurance benefits etc. When she asked she was told that she could not get his insurance benefit because he committed suicide so she could not get it.

Commenting on this issue recently, a renounce human rights lawyer in Liberia Counselor Tiawon Saye Gongloe said that he is from Nimba and visited Tappita city during Christmas and was told by people who lives around the community of the Jackson F. Doe hospital that the late EPS Agent Melvin Earley was heard running and crying that soon morning and was shot and killed in plain sight.

Others may be Mr. Suvlester Lama who vehemently rejected the Police report that his wife died of suffocation and was in a relationship with her co-worker Mr. Albert Peters and both of them willfully decided to suffocate in a vehicle on Broad Street.

Speaking in an interview with reporters at the St. Moses Funeral Parlour Mr. Lama criticized the decision taken by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to deny him and other family members the opportunity to view the remains of his beloved wife on two separate occasions signifies a “foul play” over circumstances which led to the death of his wife. Mrs. Peters, the wife of the late Albert Peters also dismissed suggestions that her husband was in relationship with Gifty, debunking theories which followed the pair’s death.  “Gifty was considered our daughter as she has been so used to my husband, and I cannot tell when I suspected her and my husband in sexual relationship,” the widow said.

As the Nation Times empathize and sympathize with all these bereaved families, it is our prayer and hope that the government of the United States assist in bringing closure to these unexplained deaths and that will give these people a sense of peace as they will never see their families again.

Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua Episode

Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua, Director General, Internal Audit Agency was found dead at his 72nd Boulevard residence early this morning. He was the fourth auditor to have died in a space of eight days in Monrovia.

Circumstances surrounding his death remain scanty, but according to reports, the incident occurred at about 2 am Saturday morning after he had left D’Calabash, an amusement spot along the Congo Town backroad where he had been with friends until he went home after midnight.

The Liberia National Police barricaded the entrance of his residence and prevented reporters, family and friends entry until they could complete a forensic investigation within the compound.

The police, however, could not explain the cause of death but stated the possibility of a fall from an elevation.

This information surrounding Mr. Nyenswa’s death remains strange. While it is believed that he fell from the top floor through a window of his one-storey building and died instantly, others also believe that he may have been aggressively pushed from the top floor which is about 30ft from the ground, but the police say they are investigating the cause of death and would keep the public abreast.

At his residence, one of his drivers informed News outlets that he dropped Mr. Nyenswa and his friends off at his residence at about 12 midnight on Saturday and they left the compound. However, at about 3am, he was again called that his boss had fallen from upstairs prompting him to rush back to the house and transported him to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. He said he observed a cut behind his head but could not confirm whether it was as a result of the fall.

The driver revealed that he left Mr. Nyenswa and his friends at his residence prior to his demise but could not name the friends. He, however, said some were employees of the IAA.

Investigations also observed that several CCTV cameras amount at various strategic corners of the building but has not been able to establish whether the cameras were active and could serve as an empirical material in the investigation.

It was learned that Mr. Nyenswua had recently completed an audit of the Covid-19 government expenditure although that report has not been made public. He was said to have been conducting an audit on the National Port Authority, also.

Albert Peters and Gifty Lama Episode

Before his death, two employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA), Mr. Albert Peters and  Mrs. Gifty Lama were found dead in a vehicle on Snapper Hill Broad Street. Gifty was the Acting Manager for Tax Services while Mr. Peters was the Assistant Commissioner for Audit.

Both the husband of Mrs. Lama and the wife of Mr. Peters have raised suspicions about their deaths.

Mr. Sylvester Lama, Gifty’s husband says he suspects foul play over the death of his wife.

He expressed disappointment over the decision taken by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to deny him and other family members the opportunity to view the remains of his wife on Broad Street and at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center shortly after the pair were pronounced dead.

George F. Fanbutu Episode

Separately, another LRA staffer, Mr. George F. Fanbutu was pronounced dead at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center after he reportedly lost control of his steering wheel on the 72nd Boulevard, hit a pedestrian identified as Saar Fayiah and the car rested in the house of one Dr. Joseph P. K. Boika in the Roland Duo curve on the 72nd Boulevard. “George B. Fanbutu was taken to the JFK Medical Center in Sinkor, where he was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) while the pedestrian was admitted at a local clinic in Roland Duo Community undergoing medical treatment. Investigation is ongoing,” the police said.

However, talk show host Henry Costa released a video late last week, alleging that Mr. Fanbutu was invited to the home of one of his bosses to help me do some work and he honored the invitation on Sunday. According to Costa, while on his way home along the 72nd Boulevard, Mr. Fanbutu was chased by men on motorbikes with machetes. One of them opened the driver’s door and gushed the LRA employee on his head, leading him to lose control of the steering wheel.

The video showed Mr. Fanbutu bleeding profusely from his head which was being tied with a cloth by some citizens on the scene who rushed to his rescue. When contacted again to confirm Mr. Costa’s revelation, Police Spokesman Moses Carter said the only account he can give is that which he was told by the accident survivor who is currently seeking treatment.

The EPS Agent Melvin B. Earley Episode

The unexplained death of NB Special Agent Melvin Bush Earley continue to run through the minds of friends and family members as the government continue to say that he committed suicide.

Speaking to his wife from her hideout, she said that she was being haunted and received several death threats thus causing her to flee the country.

Melvin Bush Earley, born March 16, 1976, joined the Special Security Service SSS to serve his country. Special Agent Melvin Bush Earley completed his Basic Police Recruit Course in April 2006 from the National Police Training Academy. He completed VIP Protection training on May 23, 2006 at the Louisiana State Police Academy. He also received certifies certificate from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, from the U.S. Department of State.  Special Agent Earley also received a certificate from the United States Embassy in Monrovia for completing the Glock-17 FAMFIRE course in January 2007. He received a certificate from the United States Department of State – Diplomatic Security Service (US/DSS) in March 2008 for completing Basic Firearms Safety Course, Mobile Security Deployments –Team One.

Having completed all these training, his widow Ruth Ealey speaking from exile says she finds it difficult to believe that her husband shot himself in the head after she examined his body at the Samuel Styker funeral home and noticed that there was one bullet wound on his head and one in his stomach. She also said that when she asked for his body to be turned around, the government refused on grounds of security reasons. She then told the Nation Times that she requested the bullet that killed her husband and again the government refused on grounds of security reasons.

The widow, Mrs. Ruth Ealey also said that she received calls and death threats of statements she made at the burial of her husband that she is and will never be convinced that her husband shot himself and calls for independent inquiry into the incident that led to his death.

Widow Ruth Ealey also said that she join a group of protester and decided to speak in front the America Embassy because he receive most of his training from the United States government and raised the question ‘your are the ones that trained my husband and your never train him to kill himself’ why your will sit and let these things happen?

She is therefore calling on the United States government, her family and kids as they spent the American taxed-payers money to train her husband and there are lingering somewhere she refuses to disclose.

She also said that she has recordings that her husband told her that he can’t fight the government and that the government was about to kill him and if she sees him again, it will be God. This recording has also been posted on some social media website (facebook).

Widow Ruth Ealey said that she has written to the Human Rights Commission, the United Nations, the American Embassy and some other embassies and they are aware of her situation and should not sit and witness her and her family go down like how her husband went down.

‘We have no help, the government of Liberia freeze my husband’s account, refuse to give me his death certificate, refuse to give any of his benefits as they haunted us at night because of commits I made during my husband burial she said’

On Mar 12, 2021, family members of the late Melvin Early, the Executive Protection Service Agent (EPS), who the government said reportedly shot and killed himself in Nimba County while on duty with the President, says under no circumstance he would have killed himself. They say Melvin was executed.

The family has vowed to go every length to prove that Melvin did not commit suicide. They said the Melvin they raised “will not do such a thing.”

Ruth Pittman-Kparkah and Grace Pittman, sisters of the deceased’s mother, told FrontPageAfrica in an exclusive interview that they raised Melvin since he was three years old and to them, the explanation given the EPS does not add up.

“We want answers. We want to know how our son died and why. No matter what happened over there Melvin didn’t kill himself. We want justice for Melvin. He will not go down in history as this EPS man who just woke up one day and shot himself multiple times. He was not a superhuman who had to shoot himself multiple times. We are not buying that story,” Aunty Ruth Pittman-Kparkah stated.

Melvin served the EPS for 15 years prior to his death. He was one of the first individuals recruited by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government, trained by U.S. personnel. He served President Sirleaf for 12 years on her security details and three years with President George Weah.

The EPS in a statement had said the agent shot himself at about 06:03 am on Friday, February 19, 2021 in Tappita, Nimba County. “He was on duty at the time of the incident.”

“The EPS has launched a full-scale investigation to establish any potential reason for the apparent suicide.

But in an interview with FrontPageAfrica on Thursday the family members of the late Melvin said they have been quiet since the incident because the widow of Melvin had gone into hiding in fear of being harmed. She leaked an audio of conversation between her and Melvin to ‘Prophet Key’.

“We’ve been hiding, especially for the widow. The woman is afraid and it is because of that we have been quiet because we are concerned about her safety. Since our son died, the government hasn’t called us; they haven’t reached out to us; they told us they are investigating only to send some low-class officer to arrange his burial.

“The Government has not even had the decency to sympathize, even Melvin friends who we saw at his wedding are all afraid to show up or even visit us and unfortunately, Trokon the EPS boss hasn’t even had the courtesy to visit us or call. Trokon has been a family friend, he was a friend to Melvin’s father.

For Grace, Melvin has never been suspected of taking drugs and she described him as a child brought up in a Christian home. She wants Civil Society Organizations to get involved in demanding justice for him.

Justina Taylor Ghartey Episode

Another fearful accounts was recalled when a  woman who alleges she was abducted from outside her compound by unknown men, drugged, raped and dumped on the Robertsfield Highway, has accused the police of failing to launch an investigation into her ordeal. She claims the police are intimidating her and her visitors as she undergoes treatment in hospital.

The Liberian National Police did not respond to queries on the matter up to press time.

Justina Taylor Ghartey alleges that she was abducted by unknown men and later found unconscious by passers-by on the Robertsfield Highway. She claims this occurred on the same day she appeared in a video making a wide range of allegations against stalwarts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that went viral on Facebook.

In a video at the headquarters of the National Elections Commissions, Justina Taylor Ghartey made allegations that she and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee went to Ivory Coast to recruit some Mercenaries to carry on all the CDC government dearly deeds.

Justina Taylor Ghartey said she was a member of the notorious Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) formed by former President Charles Taylor and led by his son who is now serving 99 years in United States Federal prison.

Barely a week in hospital, Ghartey told reporters that she was frustrated that she doesn’t feel the police have done anything other than occupy her hospital room. Four police officers deployed at the entrance of the hospital and four others at door of her ward.

“Nobody has come here from the police to ask how it happened,” Ghartey told reporters from her bed on her private ward at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital. “Nobody from the police authority has come to say ‘we are going to investigate. We are behind you.’ All they do is to send PSU, PSU,” the mother of one daughter continued.

She said she had no more privacy as police officers flock to her ward, restricting access to her. “The police are all in my room,” she lamented. “The other night they were sleeping on the other bed.

“How can you protect me when I can’t even sleep? The police are stopping my family from coming to see me. They stopped my pastor. They stopped my sister,” she said.

“What I want the police to do is to go to Robertsfield Highway, whatever way, and find out who did this to me. I don’t need them in my room.”

Justina Taylor Ghartey has now surfaced in the United States of America and is said to testify on a wide range of things on the Weah led government.

Speaking in a short interview with talkshow host Henry P. Costa, Justina Taylor said she wants to be the voice of those who are afraid to speak, those who are taken advantage of, those who have been hurt and cannot be heard.

Statement of Rep. Smith on Liberia’s Worsening Political Situation

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Africa and co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, issued the following statement of concern regarding worsening political conditions in Liberia:

“Human rights advocates are increasingly alarmed by the deterioration of civil and political rights and the corruption that is occurring in Liberia under President George Weah.  I am especially concerned by allegations surrounding Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the thuggish behavior of the Congress for Democratic Change Security Force he heads.

“Credible allegations of serious human and civil rights violations–including attempted murder, rape, unlawful arrest, detention and torture–have been attributed to Mayor Koijee by the International Justice Group, a US-based non-government organization.

“Especially in light of our historic ties to Liberia, the United States Congress will be closely monitoring the mass public demonstration that is scheduled to occur on December 30 in Monrovia, and I call upon the government of Liberia to respect the free speech and assembly rights of Liberian citizens.  Anyone who suppresses these fundamental rights, or engages in ongoing corrupt acts, may very well become subject to targeted Global Magnitsky sanctions.”

Source: The Nation Times

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