Jury Finds Ex-Cop Guilty Of Fatally Shooting Neighbor

By Rohit R Nair |

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger will face a maximum of life in prison after being found guilty of shooting and killing her neighbor Botham Jean in his apartment.

The jury had to decide whether Guyger was reasonable in her use of deadly force to subdue the victim or whether she intentionally killed the victim as the prosecution tried to prove. Jean’s family walked out crying and embracing after Judge Tammy Kemp read the Jury’s decision.

Guyger shot Jean twice in the chest fatally, after mistakenly entering his apartment on Sept. 6, 2018. She had just finished working a thirteen and a half hour shift and was still in uniform. Guyger, who was with the Dallas Police, was fired from the job after the shooting.

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