Jurors Found Chris Karpeh Guilty Of Murder

By Dyujay Jackson*

Mother of Chris Karpeh, Christiana Karpeh

Trial Jurors at Criminal Court ‘A’, Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill, Monrovia today, February28, 2022  unanimously brought down guilty verdict against defendant Chris Karpeh for the crime of murder.

According to the indictment on August 4, 2021 in the Borough of New Kru Town community, Bushrod Island, defendant Chris Karpeh did knowingly, purposely, intentionally maliciously and criminally truck the nephew of Shadrick George Weah with an axe under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.

The states indictment further revealed that the criminal act to kill the deceased started on July 29,2021 when the defendant and deceased were involved into bitter confusion that resulted into fist fight.


During the called of the case the prosecutions first witness Handful Mulbah said the diseased was home playing with a child name Theo “ in the aforesaid community , when the defendant arrived on the scene and took an axe and struck the victim Weah from the back of his head.

Following the accident the defendant run for three weeks and was later arrested in Grand Gedeh County after been declared wanted by police authority.

The grand jury in their indictment further revealed that the act the defendant did is in contravention of title 26, section 14.1 A,B , section 50.51 (1) (a) and section 51.3 (1) against the peace and dignity of the republic of Liberia.

Defendant Kerpeh during the trial admitted guilty of the crime and pleaded for mercy .

Meanwhile the diseased mother Christiana Karpeh speaking in an interview with this station said the guilty verdict brought down by the jurors was something that she expected in defense of her late son.

She narrated that the boy in question is her boyfriend little brother who was living with them before the occurrence of the accident that led to the death of her sm24 years old son Shadrick George Weah.

She further express happiness in the justice system of the country, adding that since the accident took she has been worry but can now have a peace of mind.

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