Judge Ousman Feika Terms Security Situation In Liberia As ‘Fragile’

By Dyujay  Jackson

Criminal Court ‘D’ Assigned Judge Ousman F. Feika

In pursuant to chapter Three [3] section 3.8 of the new judiciary law of Liberia, the first Judicial circuit, Criminal Assizes A, B, C, and D at the Temple of Justice Monday open for its May term,

Delivering the judges charged Monday May 9, 2022 at the opening ceremony Criminal Court ‘D’ Assigned Judge Ousman F. Feika said the current security situation in the country is very fragile.

“It is no secret that the current security situation in our nation is very fragile, arm robbery and other dangerous criminal activities are on the increase.” Judge Feika maintained.

He maintained that arm robbery, and other dangerous criminal activities are on the increase, while calling on the relevant security apparatus to take concrete steps aimed at curtailing crimes in various communities.

The criminal court ‘D’ Assigned Judge added that there is a serious concern among judges resulting from callous and life-threatening attacks on their persons, families and homes.

Judge Feika, wants judges be provided armed security officers to provide protection for judges and their families, noting that there is no states security for judges.

Commenting further judge Ousman F. Feika, caution his colleagues to do everything within their power as judicial actors to ensure that the court remains accessible to all.

“We must therefore do everything within our power as judicial actors to ensure that the court remains accessible to all, and the same time ensure that justice is served without any precondition.” Judge Feika said.

He at the same time said that they will not hesitate to apply the law to the full extent possible, if there appears to be attempt by any lawyer or group of lawyers to test their resolve in maintaining respect and sanctity of the court.

Judge meanwhile admonished magistrates, lawyers, and ministerial officers and clerical staff to continue to do their utmost best as they strive to provide quality services to the country.

Article 21 [H] of the 1986 constitution of Liberia puts particular emphasis on speedy trial as right to all persons who have been accused or held to answer for the commission of a crime.

According to judge Feika , the right to speedy trial is therefore fundamental and germane to the protection of all under the law, stating that it is widely belief that the cliché “ justice delay is justice denial” is derived from the constitutional provision requiring speedy trial for accused persons to answer to the complicity in the commission of crimes.

The criminal court D’ judge Ousman F, Feika , back called for the adjustment in the law of Liberia , there are 42 days allotted for jury session within which a  case must be heard and disposed of unless approved by the chief justice.

“In my mind, and taking into consideration the multiplicity of motions and as well as “during trail technicalities” implored by lawyers, most of the 42 days allotted for jury session are already exhausted before the end of the court term, thus impeding the speedy trial requirement as envisaged under article 21 [H] of the constitution of Liberia.

Meanwhile Judge Feika, has however recommend that the jury session for each court term be increase to five months for circurt courts, beginning February and ending June for the first term.

While the second term is suggested to run from July to November each year, maintaining that the rationale for the change in the terms of the circuit court is in two -fold.

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