Judge In Trouble For Failure To Produce ‘Living Body’ Of Ajodeji Bejidi, A Nigerian Banker

Judge J. Kennedy Peabody is underfired to produce the former GT Bank Manager
Ayodeji Bejide

The Judge of the Monrovia City Court, J. Kennedy Peabody is said to be heading for a serious legal trouble, following the elapsed of the two weeks ultimatum given him (Judge Peabody) by Criminal Court “A” Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie to produce the living body of defendant Ajodeji Bejidi who is said to have fled from Liberia to his home country, Nigeria.

Ajodeji Bejidi, the former Manager of the Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia (GT Bank) was sued at the court by his an employee of the bank, Edward Freeman for an alleged aggravated assault reportedly left the country upon permit of Judge Peabody but is yet to return to face justice.

L/R: Ajodeji Bejidi, the former Manager of the Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia (GT Bank) and Edward Freeman his victim

The delay of the case for speedy trial is due to the failure of Monrovia City Court Judge, J. Kennedy Peabody to produce the living body of defendant Ajodeji Bejidi to face trial, as report says the Monrovia City Court Magistrate seems to be adamant in producing the living body of former official of the GT Bank Liberia Limited.

Prior to the two weeks’ ultimatum, Magistrate Peabody was sent to jail for his failure to adhere to an ultimatum set by Judge Willie to justify the absence of defendant Bejide. He was later rescued when judges and lawyers pleaded for mercy on his behalf.

Ajodeji Bejidi was charged with aggravated assault when he allegedly threw a calculator in the face of a staff (Edward Freeman), resulting to a cut on his lip.

Despite filing a criminal appearance bond worth US$50,000, the court served a Writ of Ne Exeat Republica on him, which banned him from leaving the country.

However, the Nigerian national left the country reportedly on medical treatment on grounds that he was given permit by Magistrate Peabody.

When contacted on the issue, Judge Willie acknowledged the delay of the case, but attributed it to the failure of state prosecutors to file a bill of information for the court to act.

But Montserrado County Attorney, Cllr. Edwin K. Martin said the case is in court, so he could not speak on the issue.

For his part, Magistrate Peabody said granting defendant Bejidi medical leave falls within his legal purview as a judge, and as such he cannot be held liable.

“The court cannot hold me responsible for implementing the law. If someone is to be held liable, it should the sureties that stood for him,” he said.

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