Judge In Margibi Charged Rep. Tarponweh With Contempt

Margibi County District#1 Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh

The Presiding Judge of the 13th Judicial  Circuit Court in Kakata City, Margibi County, has charged Margibi  County District#1 Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh with  contempt through the office of the Speaker of the House of  Representatives for allegedly obstructing the court’s order.

Judge Cieaneh Clinton-Johnson, who is presiding for the August Term of  Court, ordered that a lady identified as Esther Banks be repossessed  of her property located in Duazohn, District#1 in lower Margibi  County, which is being occupied by one Mrs. Marie Johnson.

During the Tuesday afternoon hearing, Judge Clinton- Johnson advised  Rep. Tarponweh of his right to legal representation, but he said he  did not need one and that he would do so on his own behalf.

Accordingly, Judge Johnson on September 8 ordered a writ of  repossession in favor of Mrs. Esther Banks for four lots of land  currently being occupied by Mrs. Marie Johnson in Duazohn, lower  Margibi County.

As the writ was being served, a caterpillar yellow machine was in  readiness to demolish over six huge buildings already constructed on  the land, with a troop of ERU Police officers standing by to quell any  resistance that might ensue during the enforcement of the court’s order.

It was then that Rep. Tarponweh arrived on the scene after he received  a telephone call from residents of the area that a court order was  about to be executed and that several buildings would also be  demolished by a yellow machine.

He contended that the court did not mention anything about demolition  of buildings on the four lots (one acre) in the writ of repossession  of real property and because of this he was summoned by the court.

“Being the people’s servant, I quickly proceeded to the area and met  with the Sheriff of the Court and the ERU Police Commander who had  come from Monrovia to execute the court’s order and introduced myself  to them,” Tarponweh stated.

He said he told them to be civil and listen to him as executing the  court’s order could result to chaos on grounds that the area is prone  to violence owing to the fact that land disputes are always causing  serious problems for many families there.

“So, I decided to intervene as their Representative and did not  obstruct the court’s order as is being perceived by the court for  which I am being charged with contempt,” the lawmaker explained.

He said as a lawmaker, he acted in his own wisdom to save the  community from being plunged into chaos as occasioned by similar  situations in the area before, and did not do so to disrespect the  court’s order.

Judge Johnson, however, said the writ of ‘Repossession of Real Property’ will be reissued in favor of Esther Banks to reclaim her property from Madam Marie Johnson.

However, Banks wants at all cost to have all of the buildings demolished, while Marie Johnson, on the other hand, is insisting that this should not be done and that her lawyers are preparing to seek an appeal at the Supreme Court.

Judge Johnson asked that the lawmaker be purged by the court, but Rep.  Tarponweh did not agree to the Judge’s stance.

Meanwhile, Judge Johnson has reserved ruling in the contempt charge  against Representative Tarponweh until Tuesday, September 25.


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