Johnny Kpoto Kpehe: Senatorial Aspirant Of Bong County Says He’s Skillfully Ready

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Bong County Senatorial Aspirant, Johnny Kpoto Kpehe

This week we once again profile another committed Liberian who has over the years showcased his nationalistic values making an impact in the growth and development of his native home (Bong County), and Liberia at large.

Our Profile of the week, is a man who has a renowned sense of unpretentiousness; his willingness at all times to rescue people who are desperately in need of assistance, has always been the passion of our Personality of the week who is nobody by Johnny Kpoto Kpehe, Jr..

According to Friends of Johnny or FOJ, GNN Personality of the week has overly won the admiration of many Liberians including his kinsmen, and even though who interact with him for the very first time, his humanly appearance deceived people who may come his way for the first time.

Some Liberians who spoke to the GNN prior to the writing of this article, described him as a man respect every human regardless of their religious, tribal and cultural backgrounds while maintaining a great deal of reverence for traditional values.

Despite of critics negative propaganda against him, amid his quest for the senate, the FOJ has publicly disparaged his detractors noting that he is a bonify citizen Bong County hailing from Belema Town, Suakoko District.

Born onto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Kpehe Sr, is a successful young Liberian Businessman whose passion for the advancement of humanity continues to drive him into multiple endeavors both in the private and public sectors with the sole purpose of improving the lives of many.

A graduate of the Cuttington University in central Liberia, Bong County,  where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, being serious to his academic sojourn, is a candidate of Master for Business Administration at the Cuttington graduate school.

As it is always said, “Behind every successful man is a woman” this is the case of our personality of the week who is happily married to Mrs. Princess D. Kpehe who also hailed from Jorquelleh District, this union is blessed with five children.

He has multiple business investments, where he continues to provide jobs and empowerment opportunities for many Liberians, thereby, helping to strengthen the Liberian Economy. He has sense of national happenings and believes that he can be an integral part of the recovery drive of Liberia through responsible governance and Representation.

His organization, Friends of Johnny (FOJ) is a social-political movement that draws it membership from Liberians, home and abroad who believe in the ideologies and political manifestos of Hon. Johnny K. Kpehe.

The institution/ movement was established in 2015 by several enthusiastic and energetic young men and women in and out of Liberia who believe that it was now time to rally around Mr. Kpehe and encourage him to play a more significant role in the development of people and communities.

The movement, with Hon. Johnny K. Kpehe Sr. as its arrow head since its establishment, has continue to roll out many humanitarian interventions that have impacted the lives of many; especially those hailing from Johnny’s native land, Bong County.

These interventions range from scholarships provisions, empowerment of Market women, donations to institutions of the needed, financial aids, advocacy, training opportunities etc.

Friends of Johnny is the driving force behind the ongoing consultative process that Hon. Kpehe is currently undertaking in order to inform his judgement about the clarion calls by many citizens of Bong County imploring his Representation in the Liberian Senate. The movement is open to all well-meaning Liberians.

The his vision for Bong County

As someone who aspires to Represent the People of Bong County in the Senate, Johnny is passionate about transforming Bong along with other leaders and citizens of Bong through a set of Legislative Vision o Agenda that aligns with the Constitutional responsibility of every Lawmaker; Legislation, Representation and Oversight.

A. Legislation

Johnny aspires working along with other members of the would-be 55th Legislature to propose and sponsor bills that will address key issues such as Domestic Violence, National Food Security, Job empowerment and optimal utilization of state resources which Bong County like many other counties is in dire and prime need of.

  B. Representation

To adequately address many of the issues Bong  faces, Johnny intends to use Representation, which encompasses not only plenary attendance and committee meetings, but advocacies on the Legislative floor and accountability to the people of Bong as effective tool.

He believes these “Representative” engagements when sustained firmly will address the issues of youth and women empowerment, protection of tribal and traditional reserves, etc.


With robust oversight, the issues of road infrastructures, public utilities such as electricity and running water, good healthcare, education etc for the people of Bong will be a key priority of Johnny.

Strengthening partnerships with Central government and the citizens of Bong in the diaspora will yield the realization of unifying Bong, attracting foreign scholarships and development of the human capital skills of citizens of the county.

           Services to Humanity and County

Throughout his public and private life, Hon. Johnny K. Kpehe has continued to impact the lives of people and communities. The pages of history are not enough to record the plethora of his good deeds which some are, but not limited to;


2. Provision of hundreds of scholarships across Bong County.

3. Donations of medical relief and assorted items to several clinics in Bong County.

4. Donations of school assorted items to several schools across Bong County

5. Operates several large farms in Sanoyea and other parts of Bong County that are producing local rice for the local market

6. Operates an effective women empowerment scheme through a micro-loan and skills training program

7. Employment of citizens working on his farms and several business investments

8. Has constructed and is operating a junior high school in Sanoyea,

          The 2023 Johnny Call

Bong County will be at a crossroad in 2023, one that would require critical decisions to be made and reached by the peace loving people of the County.

The need for a genuine leadership of the county in 2023 and beyond to continue on the positive footprints set by preceding and current generations of leaders need not to be overemphasized and this is so glaring to the fact that the ordinary people of Bong are themselves making this call loudly.

There is always a Moses to a generation, a person called upon to redeem his kinsmen in times of dire needs!

It is no doubt that Bong County,  continues to long persistently for the right kind of leadership at the Liberian Legislature to transform the lives of the people of the ” Land of the Humbles” not only with sound legislations and  Representations, but with effective oversight that will address the socio-economic issues affecting the county!

There is a household name on the tongues of every Bongees who is said to be emerging as a “Moses ” and the Rising Sun of Bong- Johnny Kpehle, hence the Johnny 2023 call has been made and is resounding!

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