‘Jeremiah Koung Pick By Boakai Was Planned To Distract Unity Party’- CPP Insider Brags

GNN investigation has uncovered that series of conversations between Jeremiah Koung and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) prior to him been picked by the former ruling Unity Party (UP) political leader, Joseph Nyuma Boakai was noticed to be part of a strategy to distract the UP.

According to the investigation, Koung’s revealing of conversations with the CPP, gave rise that he was being used to get Joseph N. Boakai to go after him, noting that “No one will have negotiations for over months on a VP pick. We never ever wanted Jeremiah Koung”, a source closed to CPP hinted.

Speaking further to the GNN, the CPP source said, “We played the UP knowing they were desperate to compete with us for running mate. We knew JNB would go after anyone he confirmed was in conversation with us, which is why we kept our names tight”, the source narrated.

Giving details of the plan by meeting Koung, our source also indicated that, “Even if our choice was a running mate from Nimba, it wouldn’t be PYJ’s son and party’s Standard Bearer, the US government has been clear about their position on PYJ and we won’t risk our traditional ally and partner support to this country. So, yes, we met Koung as part of our strategy.”, our CPP insider told the GNN via mobile phone.

The source further explained that, “Cummings never promised Koung VP. While people around Cummings may have offered him Vice Standard Bearer post, Cummings only asked him to work together because we needed to give him something to negotiate with UP on. He even recommended folks from his camp we should talk to; some we did. Some we did not. We knew Koung was our bait to distract the UP; they wanted a Vice Standard Bearer with money. And every time it appeared the UP wanted to look other places, we met with Jeremiah Koung and they finally caught the bait”, GNN CPP insider speaking noted.

Concluding on the issue, the source also disclosed that, “They imagined us to be in a race with them for him when we actually wanted them to have him! Nothing in politics happens organically. Koung knows he was played and UP knows they were played and now he’s saving face”, our source further hinted.

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