One of the homeless individuals being fed daily

‘Jeety : A God Sent Humanitarian’ – Dozens Of Homeless Liberians React To His Feeding Program

One of the homeless individuals being fed daily

Over the past five years up to the present homeless Liberians are being fed on a daily basis by one of Liberia’s partner-in-progress, a businessman, diplomat, and a well-recognized humanitarian on a daily basic hundreds of homeless Liberians are fed with delicious food, a situation being described by the beneficiaries and others as a true love for Liberia by the provider.

According to the beneficiaries, the kind and humanitarian gestures of Upjit Singh Sachdeva affectionately call Jeety must be appreciated by all Liberians; his countless humanitarian assistance to the homeless, the less fortunate Liberians and others has highly been graded.

Our reporter who visited one of the feeding centers in Via Town saw a long queue of homeless Liberians including the elderly, the blind, the cripple, and even the orphans were seen receiving their daily meal, as they happily poured praises on the man behind this initiative.

Speaking to the GNN last weekend, some of the beneficiaries who appeared over excited said the initiatives by the Jeety Foundation is overwhelmed, noting that it has rescue many of them from days long hunger, explaining that their hunger stress has been drastically reduced by the Jeety Foundation.

Effort by our staff to speak to the brain behind this initiative, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva affectionately call Jeety proved unsuccessful, but the Humanitarian Assistant, Abdulai Bah said the initiative of the Jeety Foundation is not only based in Via Town, but rather other areas including prison compound, central Monrovia and a school in the township of Brewerville, rural Montserrado County.

Explaining to the GNN, Bah further said this initiative has also been extended to various health centers including Redemption Hospital where over 100 patients are fed every Sunday and holidays, Mr. Bah further disclosed that the Foundation also feed over 500 on a daily basis in central Monrovia and its environs with cooked food and soup.

He also disclosed that the feeding program has also been extended in Margibi County, specifically in Weala where Jeety Rubber Company is being operated, on the reaction of the beneficiaries, Bah said those who are been catered to, are overwhelmed of the level of humanitarian assistance being rendered them.

Giving the genesis of the program, Bah disclosed that since February 24, 2017, the Jeety Foundation has been providing feeding to the most less unfortunate people including the blind, crippled, the elderly and the homeless., even the kids whose parents cannot afford a daily meal are also beneficiaries of the Jeety Foundation.

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