Jayee Mennoh, Alleged murderer rearrested, charged and sent to court

From Boakai B.Kamara | GNN Correspondent | Sinoe County |

Mr. Jayee Mennoh, the alleged murderer

In the wake of several protests by women groups and Nimba Citizens in Sinoe County, the Greenville Magisterial Court has arrested, charged and sent to prison Jayee mennoh for his alleged involvement in the killing of a woman yet to be identified.

The alleged murderer, Who is a commissioner of Tarjouwon District was arrested along with Smith Gboweh and Robert Manneh and charged for kidnapping, criminal facilitation and conspiracy.

Jaryee Mennoh and two others are to appear at the third Judiciary Circuit Court upon the opening of the November term of court.

Sinoe County Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea has abolished citizens and residents in the county to remain peaceful as the legal processes are going on and further assured a dispensation of fair justice in the matter.

It can be recalled, one Jayee Mennoh was arrested in mid-October for the alleged killing of a woman in Tarjouwon District, an allegation upon which he was detained by the Liberian National Police LNP Sinoe detachment but was released upon the order of Sinoe County Attorney General Cllr. Daniel Teki Dweh owing to the fact that there were no evidences to establish that the accused admitted such crime. Adding, “if Jaryee Mennoh committed murder, “Who was murdered and who are the witnesses ”

Speaking to few of the protesters appreciated the rearrests of the alleged murderer but expressed surprise on the charges without mentioning murder. They promised to remind peacefully as they go through the courts’ proceedings.

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