Jai Mai CEO, Ashok Kumar Sivaram Hides From Police?

Jai Mai CEO, Ashok Kumar Sivaram

GNN Liberia investigation has uncovered that the head of Jai Mai Communications, the Company that has been  sub-contracted  to carryout digging in Monrovia and its environs to run underground the fiber optic cable for improved internet services, Ashok Kumar Sivaram is alleged to be hiding from the Liberia national police for unknown reasons.

According to classified document in the possession of this outlet from the Ghana Interpol police section, is said to be requesting for a detail profiles of Ashok to authentic his true records, this followed an earlier request made by the Liberian Police after it was reported in the media how Ashok was deported from Ghana.

But according to our source, Mr. Ashock is said to be staying away from investigators due to some unknown reasons, “We have asked his team to come with him to the police station for us to profile him, because we only want to know   more about him; this is done normally around the world, the security has the right to invite a person to come with his or her lawyer for questioning. Once the questioning is done, that person leaves,” our police source said.

“Ashok will only be called if the facts given the police are not correct; currently he is under obligation to come to the police. He cannot ignore this call. If this continues, the police will take another step which will not be good for him.”

It can be recalled that Jai Mai was awarded the digging of fiber optic cable lines in Monrovia by CSquared, an agency that builds fiber-optic networks, making it possible for local providers to connect more people to the Internet and each other; it is a representative of Google.

According to our investigation, Ashok was deported from Ghana due to what the Immigration authorities in that country said was presenting fake mirage documents.  Recently, several Liberians callers on radio program said he should be questioned for his role.

“We are not against him, but want to know his true role. He needs to answer questions here too,” Alfred Johnson said on the radio.

“We have read on international media that the CEO of Jai Mai was deported from Ghana, not only that, but he allegedly forged his former boss, Sachin Nambeear’s  signature to form a separate company with the same name, Jai Mai” our source said.

According to the deportation order from Ghana, last year which he later challenged, was to leave the country fast.

Despite efforts by this outlet to contact the office of Jai Mai in Monrovia  for comment, all the phone numbers rang without any response.

The deportation order at the time read: “WHEREAS Ashok Kumar Sivaram is a national of the Republic of India. WHEREAS Ashok Kumar Sivaram acquired and submitted a forged marriage certificate in support of his application for citizenship by registration as a Ghanaian in 2015. WHEREAS this act is fraudulent and criminal. WHEREAS in the opinion of the Minister for the Interior, the continued presence in Ghana of Ashok Kumar Sivaram is not conducive to the public good. AND THEREFORE, in exercise of the power conferred on the Minister for the Interior by Section 36 (1) of the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573).  This order is made this 15th day of May 2017. ASHOK KUMAR SIVARAM is hereby ordered to leave Ghana by Friday 19th May 2017 and thereafter remain out of Ghana.”

Investigation continues, as details of Jai Mai CEO, Ashok Kumar Sivaram  will follow in our subsequent posting.

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