LIBERIA: It’s Scaring, As Clergyman During Broad Daylight Brutalized By Criminals

Clergyman robbed and assaulted broad-day light in Monrovia; blames Government of Liberia of failing to address security failures across the country

The senior Pastor of the first Presbyterian Church in Monrovia says the Liberian government is doing nothing to address the increasing rate of criminal activities and mysterious killings across the country.

Pastor Wellington Morgan asserted that there is no proper Justice for victims of these harmful circumstances while Liberians are vulnerable with no adequate security being provided for ordinary citizens.

The clergyman explained that on Wednesday, March 23, he was attacked by two young men in a tricycle commonly known as KEHKEH, after he parked his assigned vehicle because of regular traffic along the Freeport route, and boded a tricycle towards Monrovia.

According to him, while traveling from Neezoe Junction, the Kehkeh operator later picked-up two young men; but after few minutes, one of the young men pulled out a long knife and threatened to kill him if he refuses to give them his mobile phone and cash in his pocket.

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