It’s Scaring: As Police Absence Strategically Ponder Liberians

Liberia Police Chief, Patrick Sudue

Liberians are expressing serious concern about the unceremonious absence of traffic police and other police officers in the streets of Monrovia; especially at the time when they are needed at most cases during the standstill of a huge traffic in central Monrovia, and at some of the checkpoints in and around Monrovia and its environs.

Our reporters who toured some parts of the city and its environs has noticed that during days and nights nowadays  the presence of police officers in the streets of the city is always invincible, a situation, according those spoke gave criminals the upper hand to terrorize armless citizens whose belongings are forcibly taken away by armed men.

Some residents who spoke to the GNN recently complained about the continuous absence of police in the streets of Monrovia, and other parts of the city, wondering as to what actually give rise to such situation, which they noted is dangerous to the safety of the larger civilian population who do not have their own private security to keep them and their environments safe.

“It is harmful for some of us mainly at night who do not have private security to keep eyes on our homes; the police who are clothe with the authority to keep us save not be found at night, even in the day you can’t even the police when you need them most”, a resident of central Monrovia who preferred not to be named speaking to the GNN said.

Some of the checkpoints including the Slipway checkpoint have reportedly been abandoned, with the presence of police officers at these checkpoints appearing to be invincible; as a result of this criminals are using their absence at these checkpoints to convey their activities.

The Johnson and Broad Streets intersections where traffic police officers were regularly posted have over the past weeks been abandoned with either one or two officers are seen doing their own thing instead of making sure that the traffic is professionally handled.

Efforts by our staff to contact the spokesman of the police, Moses Carter proved unsuccessful as his mobile line rang endlessly, however our reporter who also visited the headquarters of the Liberia National Police made all efforts to no avail.

Investigation continues.

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