Itches Ears: As Liberians Crave For Upshot Of ‘Missing’ LD16 Billion Investigation

Huge Liberian Dollars Bank Note

Since the news broke out early this year of the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian Dollars from both ports of entries; the Freeport of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport by a local daily in Monrovia, and a subsequent setting up of a panel of investigators including the Central Bank of Liberia, the National Security Agency, and others including the U.S. based Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), up to day there has been no clue of the whereabouts of this missing billion.

The upshot of this investigation which seems to be delayed for unexplained reasons by the investigation panel, Liberians and other foreign nationals in the country are wondering as to the actual facts surrounding the much talk about missing money, as their ears on a daily basis itching to hear the outcome of the result of the investigation.

This ‘Missing Money Stigma’ on  the CDC-led Government of one of Africa’s youngest Presidents, George Manneh Weah, has given rise to more hardship and confidence crisis on the part of the Liberian Government, with majority of the nation’s population murmuring over the sincerity of some of  its officials whose concern is to just grab and go.

“Once the investigative outcome of this probe in the alleged missing money is delayed, many will conclude that the information regarding the missing billion will squarely be placed on the George Weah’s led government, following recent disclosure by the former Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Milton Weeks exonerating the former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of the House of Representatives in the printing of additional money.

In September of this year,  September 19, 2018 to be specific,  the Ministry of Justice in a statement signed by Minister Frank Musah Dean, said that “the investigation is for the purpose of adequately accounting for all flows of monies printed and brought into the country between 2016 and 2018”.

Meaning, the investigation will now look into monetary activities of the state that took place about a year before the container of cash was reportedly brought into the country, following that the Liberian government also requested the assistance of the International Monetary Fund or IMF and representatives of several local organizations.

In the face of the ongoing probe to identify the roots cause of the missing billions, other committees’ setup including the issue of the More Than Me allegation of sexual harassment setup by the Liberia government recently is to shortly release its report

Liberians have expressed outrage after a report recently by ProPublica described the alleged sexual assaults at a branch of the More Than Me charity in Monrovia, by former staffer Macintosh Johnson who died in jail in 2016 while awaiting trial.

GNN investigation has discovered that Liberians who were interviewed recently are wondering why delay in the release of the missing billion result, wondering as to why such situation, thus giving missed reactions from the public.

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