Israeli woman sues Secret Service agent she says assaulted her ahead of Biden visit

An Israeli woman filed a lawsuit on Monday in D.C. District Court claiming that a Secret Service agent assaulted her while on an advance trip before President Biden visited her country this summer.

The agent, called “John Doe” in the suit, allegedly hit and slapped 30-year-old Tamar Ben Haim “repeatedly” in a “vicious assault.”

Ben Haim says she was attacked by the agent while walking home around 1 a.m. before a person accompanying the assailant pulled him off of her.

“After the assault, Tamar learned of the fact that Defendant John Doe was an agent in the employ of the United States Secret Service who was a member of the Secret Service advance team preparing for President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel in July of 2022,” reads the suit.

“At the time, Tamar believed that these were her last moments on Earth.”

Ben Haim told Fox News in a July interview that she believed the police deliberately kept her out of the loop on her case and that she did not hear back from law enforcement after contacting them the night of the incident.

The Secret Service had said in a July statement that an unnamed agent was sent back to the U.S. after an alleged “physical encounter” led to his detention by Israeli police.

A source told CNN at the time the agent assaulted a woman outside of a bar.

Ben Haim’s attorneys wrote in her lawsuit that the Secret Service had denied a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the name of the agent who attacked her.

“Defendant — as well as Defendant’s employer — is attempting to evade justice by refusing to disclose his identity,” the lawyers wrote.

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In her Fox News interview, Ben Haim expressed her distress that a Secret Service agent would be able to harm someone with “zero consequences.”

“You can come to another country, beat someone almost to death and just disappear with zero consequences?” she asked.

“This is not someone from a third-world country. America is the example of the world, and he works for the president. They just shipped him back to where he came like nothing ever happened, and they expect me to just move on with my life.”

Source: The Hill

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