Israeli Police Shoot Palestinian Woman, Saying she Tried to Stab them

(Asharq Al-Awsat ) – Israeli security personnel shot a Palestinian woman who tried to stab them at the Qalandia checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, Israeli police said, and Palestinian officials said she died of her injury.

The West Bank, among territories where Palestinians seek statehood, has seen simmering street violence since US-sponsored peace talks with Israel broke down in 2014.

Video circulated on social media, and which Reuters could not immediately verify, showed men with rifles confronting a woman. A shot is heard and she collapses, dropping something from her hand. One of the men then kicks the item out of reach.

An Israeli police spokesman said on Twitter that a woman whom he described as “terrorist” attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at Qalandia checkpoint. He posted a picture of a knife on asphalt.

The Palestinian health ministry said a woman shot at Qalandia had died.

Medics treated her at the scene and then evacuated her for further treatment, a police statement said.

Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital pronounced her dead.

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