Is Senator Prince Johnson Reported Audio On Social Media To ‘Overthrow JNB’ When He Wins Fake?

Several radio stations and social media platforms during the last hours have been featuring recording alluding to the Nimba County Senator and leading supporter of the Joseph N. Boakai October 10, 2023 presidency, Prince Y. Johnson describing the running mate to Boakai, Senator Jeremiah Koung as aggressive negatively who has planned to overthrow JNB when they win the election seems to have more questions than answers.

An online platform, the DN News Liberia on its page said that it has found out through an investigation that the audio is grossly misleading, fake , malicious and false.

“We noticed that the audio was extracted from the April 29, 2023 edition of the Spoon Talk, at which time PYJ phoned in and described Sen. Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence as aggressive Negatively and temperamental for throwing tea at Senator Saah Joseph.

Here is the video… we have also blended the fake audio at the end. Compare the two and thank DN News for Facts Checking!”

With report ahead of the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections, prospective voters are said to be pondering as to who to actually vote for amid all of these fabricated news on social media and others.

In a related development, While the former vice president and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party is visiting the United States for his granddaughter’s graduation amidst fun and pageantry, report has gathered that tension is now blowing within the ‘Rescue Team’ Nimba County chapter.

According to the report, a powerbroker, Nimba Senator, and U.S.-sanctioned person —Prince Johnson has requested to ask UP to withdraw Candidates against MDR in three of Nimba’s nine Districts.

The Unity Party Chairman in Nimba says Koung deleted the names, but Senator Koung has denied the allegation.

Transcript from a meeting with the Nimba County Chairpersons of both the Unity Party and the MDR held at the Gompa City residence of the Chairman of MDR Governing Council, Senator Prince Johnson, on Saturday, July 22, the MDR Chair Joseph Wongan said his party had lived up to the agreement between of the two parties to not field candidates against each other in the October 10 election yet the Unity Party has acted contrary for candidates in Nimba county.

From the provisional listing published by the National Election Commission, UP has infused candidates against the MDR in three of the nine electoral districts in Nimba County.

understands that this decision by the Unity Party is fueling heavy confusion within the newly birthed collaboration between the MDR supporters and Senator Prince Y. Johson on the other hand.

In a face-to-face meeting with the Senator, the Chairman of the Unity Party in Nimba, Nelson Beangar, said that the Vice Standard Bearer of the UP insisted that Unity Party should feed candidates where and if it believes their candidate has political strength over their opponents. He says, “We cannot put our eggs in one basket.”

According to an eyewitness who asked for anonymity, the UP Chair told the open gathering that Koung’s only condition is the MDR, and the UP candidates should support the JNB ticket. Senator Koung is the current political leader of MDR. It has been rumored that Koung is giving financial and materials support to two contenders running against Prince Johnson’s third-term bid.

Our investigation revealed that Koung rode in the exact vehicle with former District Nine Representative Mentenokey Tingbay to the NEC candidate nomination office to secure, process, and submit his form. Tingbay, on the other hand, is a fierce critic of Senator Johnson and does not support him for another nine years.

We are seven senatorial candidates in Nimba, and if Prince Johnson is not re-election, Jeremiah Koung will eventually replace him as the political godfather of the County. According to an investigation, the close rival to Senator Prince Johnson is a civil rights advocate and former member of the MDR, Armstrong Gobac Selekpoh. Amstrong is said to be a lead campaigner for social justice and is believed to get secret support from businessman Floyd Tomah Jeremiah Koung, Musa Bility, Harrison Karnwea, and former Superintendent Edith Gongloe, who is expected to endorse him before August 15. Stakeholders of Nimba who believe eighteen years of his reign are enough are uncomfortable with Sen. Prince Y. Johnson going forward.

Other contenders for the Senatorial seat in Nimba are CDC Roland Duo, Nya D. Twayen Jr, James Hallowangar, Lawrezo Quoikor, and Wuo Sokpah

If Nimba County re-elects Senator Prince Johnson, he will serve for twenty-seven years, thus becoming the longest-serving Senator of Nimba. The Unity Party is politically combating the MDR in Districts 3, 8, and 9.

The distance between Senators Koung and Prince Johnson is becoming more visible since the United States government denied Koung a visa to accompany Amb. Joseph N. Boakai on his current visit to the United States of America.

At the recent burial of an MRD member, Peter Karyee, In Tropoe town Gbao Clan, District # 7, the two Senators were seen going their separate ways. Karyee later died in Ganta after he fell off in a stampede that broke out on June 28 when the Rescue team of Unity Party went to announce Jeremiah Koung as the Vice Standard Bearer of the Party.

The allegations of influencing the UP list against MDR in Nimba and Koung’s refusal to take calls from Prince Johnson were all denied by an aide to Koung who asked for protection. Our source revealed that Koung is unaware of the political rivalry between the two Independent Candidates in District 10 Montserrado County, Yekeh Kolubah and Yeakeh Sayequee. Sayequee is a close ally and business partner of Jeremiah Kpan Koung.

Public criticism of Koung also abounds following the emergence of images of Senator Johnson anointing Senator Koung three days before he was named running mate to Joseph Boakai on April 27, 2023.

Senator Prince Johson and top members of the Movement for Democracy and Reconciliation were conspicuously absent from the Unity Party unveiling ceremony on Friday, July 28.

The Nimba strongman has been quiet but emotional about the decision of the Unity Party to field candidates against the MDR. He has requested a meeting with the UP standard Bearer upon his return from the United States.

In District #1, MDR, the Unity Party, and the CDC have No candidate, but Senators Johnson and Koung support ANC-CPP- prof. Francis Nya Maweah and CDC support the incumbent, Samuel Brown, an affiliate of the NPP who is recontesting as an Independent candidate.

In District #2, Unity Party Charles T. Wonkeryor has no contest from the MDR against CDC – Prince O.S Tokpah and ANC-CPP – Journalist Nyah Flomo Sr

District #3, the Unity Party is fielding Morris Saye McGill Darbo against MDR, Nehker E. Gaye, and incumbent lawmaker

Hon. Joseph Nyan Somwabi, who is on the CDC ticket. Darbo needs to be more evident in his support of Senator.

Credit: IPNews

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