Is Quarrel In The First Family, The Presidency?

President Weah and Wife. Clar Weah

Unconfirmed report reaching the GNN has revealed that the Liberian presidency is said to be in turmoil as the Liberian First Lady, Madam Clar Weah, a Jamaican born over the past weeks has been having some serious unbearable situations within the presidency, specifically with some female staffers within the President’s office.

Sources closed to the GNN has said the First Lady has become apprehensive with some of the female staffs assigned to the Liberian leader, questioning their closeness to her husband, the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah, and at some times behave disrespectful  to her office.

Our source hinted that the most recent embarrassing situation reportedly took place at the residence of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill where a drama unfolded when one of the female staffers of the presidency (declined to be named) portrayed a misbehaviors posture towards the First Lady in the presence of the President allegedly without the President calling the female staff to a book.

Our source said as a result of this, the First Lady than demanded that her husband (President Weah) with all due respect join her in her vehicle for home, it is not clear as to what actually prompted the First Lady’s visit to the residence of the Minister of State for Presidency Affairs without being extended an invitation.

However, some Liberians who spoke to the GNN commenting on this latest incident reportedly brewing within the First Family even though not confirmed chipped in their advices to the Liberian presidency noting that such reported information coming from the presidency if authentic is not healthy for the nation and its people.

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