Is ANC’s Political Leader Cummings the Change Agent Liberia Needs?

GNN Editorial

Alexander B. Cummings, Political leader of the ANC

The political game in Liberia today is more dynamic than ever. From elected officials to appointed officials in the Executive Branch of government, Liberians are facing complicated leaders, life-threatening issues, and a bleak future.  More than ever before, Liberians and Liberia demand and need real change, a change that must come through a real and peaceful political process – one that will demand innovative ideas, new vision, honesty, commitment, trust, people’s confidence, and increasingly experienced players with dynamism and tested credibility.

This would seem to be the major appeal of the current political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) party whose corporate experience and western brand have the propensity to change Liberia for the better.  However, as the country’s would-be presidential candidates prepare to launch their platforms and the people to lead their campaigns and messaging, the faces they show to the suffering Liberian people matter.  From the look of things, it would seem, Mr. Cummings, the renowned and globally respected corporate leader is not manifesting to the Liberian people and the world that he is and will be the change agent Liberia needs because of the political rewind his aspiring political leadership attempting to manifest.

Truth be told, politicians, especially those with the acumen of true leadership embrace everyone but highlighting individuals with disputed characters nationally and internationally is another thing. Liberia and Liberians need change. If some of the same people are the real face and spokespeople of Team Cummings, it frightens most Liberians who want to put their hopes and trust in the ANC’s political leader.

On “Political Rewind” GNN Liberia took the time to speak to a few Liberians and break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision-makers or voters respectfully and civilly. Liberia has had bad, ruthless, and corrupt leaders in various capacities.  A typical villager in Mr. Cummings’s ancestral county of Maryland, Southeastern Liberia will question a candidate for a paramount chief if he uses someone who stole chickens from the village to serve as his frontline messenger for real change.  The line up of Team Cummings are Liberians but they are not the breed of Liberians that reflects the change that Liberians believe a Cummings potential government will bring.  Many of these people float from one bad Liberian administration to the next and some of them have questionable national and international reputations. Mr. Cummings is a man of integrity; he should not use his determination to serve Liberia and his ambition for the Liberian presidency to destroy that for which people respect him in Liberia and abroad.  If the present Team Cummings is the best the ANC political leader can highlight to Liberians, then Liberians’ hope for real change is nothing but a “Political Rewind.”


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