UPDATE: Team Gongloe Refutes ‘Gongloe/ Cummings Political Marriage

In a press release issued September 14, 2021, by the Team Gongloe, said refuted media report regarding Gongloe and Cummings political marriage published in the GNN online platform.

Therefore, Team Gongloe categorically refutes the purported talk of the political marriage knowing it is not being contemplated and shall not be. The publication is not good enough to sway the Movement to the point it would miss its compass and focus to see Cllr. Gongloe govern the country based on the Law, and his values of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency – the hallmark of the more than 33 years he has served the public.

On Friday, September 10, 2021, the Movement released to the public its 10-point manifesto: “A BETTER LIBERIA AGENDA” Cllr. Gongloe could consider the cornerstone of his administration if elected. It encourages all and sundry to access the document on the Facebook @TeamGongloe.

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