Iraq MPs accept prime minister’s resignation as violent protests continue

Iraq‘s parliament approved the resignation of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi on Sunday, amid ongoing violence and anti-government demonstrations in the capital that saw one protester shot dead.

By Samya Kullab And Murtada Faraj The Associated Press|

Protesters also continued to close roads, including those leading to a major commodities port, in mass demonstrations in southern Iraq.

Parliament enacted Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation without putting it to a vote, according to two lawmakers in attendance. Existing laws do not provide clear procedures for members of parliament to recognize the prime minister’s resignation. Lawmakers acted on the legal opinion of the federal supreme court for Sunday’s session.

“According to the federal court’s interpretation there is no need to vote,” said lawmaker Sarkwat Shamsedine, during the session.

Lawmaker Mohamed al-Daraji said that parliament faced a “black hole in the constitution” that didn’t clearly set out how members of parliament should deal with a premier’s resignation.

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