International Road Federation Conference & Exhibition Ends In Washington With Liberia Represented

The International Road Federation (IRF) Global Leadership Conference and Exhibition which brought together dozens of experts from around the world to discuss the importance role play in the growth and development of the sector took place in Washington D.C, the United States from October 31st to November 3rd, 2022.

At that all-important gathering, Liberia’s National Road Fun Chief Executive Officer, Boniface D. Satu was amongst many leaders from around the world to discuss pertinent issues regarding the forward move of road network, and including reaping the full benefits of road tolling and road users charging.

Also highlighted during the conference, the issue of maintenance and preservation, roadway safety, paradigm shift and engineering were featured during the conference, with Dr. Bill Sowell, Chairman-of IRF & Argonaut International Consulting focusing on knowledge sharing and training for NRF, MPW, Policy makers and road sector stakeholders.

According to the participants, by 2030 both Europe and USA will be binding fuel cars and moving to full scale electric vehicles, the United States is investing over 600 million for electric vehicle charging system and reducing emissions. Norway is currently using 100% electric vehicles. Fuel tax revenue will be challenged.

USA use gas tax to build all its highways, but they are moving away from that RUC because of electric vehicles. They will be binding fuel vehicles by 2030.

Europe use RUC and tolling to build its road infrastructure, with this conference just ended in the United States, the head of the Liberia’s National Road Fund prayed that the members of the National Legislature can robustly make  the difference to change the country’s infrastructure deficit through smart public policy.

Speaking to the GNN upon his return from the conference, the NRC boss said, “This is what tolling can do for our riad network infrastructure development. We need to start tolling with heavy vehicles pricing on our roads. Tolling is a road user fees. Nigeria is using concession model and revisiting the road user charging because there is more demand for financing fuel levy is drying out CEO of Nigeria Road Fund.

National Budget appropriation is not enough for maintenance and building new roads. Finding alternative solutions to increase revenue is highly important. Lack of funding for road maintenance is high on the agenda. There is a demand for more roads by the citizens. Fuel levy is drying out …..empowered the NFR to find lasting solutions to road financing”, he noted.

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