International job racket busted after key agent including a Liberian arrested in Mumbai

MUMBAI: A tout, who was the key agent wanted in connection for sending several youths from Mumbai to Thailand, luring them to work in Information Technology (IT) companies and forcing them to market cryptocurrency with a target, was arrested after landing in Mumbai from Dubai early Monday morning.

No sooner had immigration officials scanned Niraj Gelaram Sachdev’s passport than the system immediately alerted them, as Mumbai Police had issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against his name.

Unit 9 officers confirmed his identity, took Sachdev into custody, and produced him before the court, which remanded him to police custody. Last year, police arrested Liberian citizen Green Benedict Emmanual.

Police stated that Niraj Sachdev was one of the seven wanted accused who had taken refuge abroad, prompting them to issue an LOC against him.

Sachdev and others worked for a Chinese national identified by the nickname Monster, alias Chiu, who was the mastermind of the international job racket. The gang lured Indian nationals across the country to Thailand with promises of decent jobs in IT and then held them captive, forcing them at gunpoint to engage in cryptocurrency marketing with set targets. Although these racketeers duped several hundred aspiring youths from all over India, the Mumbai case pertains to three youths who were sent to Myanmar by the accused. There, they were confined and coerced at gunpoint to engage in cryptocurrency marketing or pay $6,000 to secure their release.

According to police, in September 2022, three youths from Mumbai, namely Shahbaz Khan, Yakoob Sayyed, and Sajid Sayyed, were lured by Emmanual with a job offer. Emmanual held a meeting where he offered them positions as “chat process sales agents” in the customer service department of an international company dealing in cryptocurrency. He assured them they would be sent to Thailand upon receiving their visas and would receive 1,500 Dirhams upon arrival. The trio then flew to Thailand.

”The very next day they were bundled into a car and taken to Myanmar through a secret route via Burma. Their visas and passports were taken. They were confined in a bunker which was heavily guarded round the clock . When the trio told them that they don’t want to work, the handlers gave them two options: either do marketing for six months and earn money or pay them 6,000 US dollars and take freedom. They had no option but to work,” said an officer.

One of the trio managed to inform his parents secretly that they were being held captive. Shan’s brother Mansoori then filed an FIR with the Bandra police, which was transferred to the crime branch unit 9. Mansoori also confronted Emmanual, who was staying in a hotel in Bandra. Emmanual then alerted his girlfriend Sophia and his mentor Monster. Monster advised Emmanual to leave Mumbai immediately by domestic flight to Lucknow and then from Lucknow take a flight to Dubai. However, by that time, Mumbai police had already issued a Lookout Circular (LOC) against Emmanual, leading to his arrest at Mumbai airport.

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