Inter-Digital Computer School Founder Fear For Life, As Dangerous Gangs Seek His Where About

A prominent Liberian, and owner of one of Liberia’s popular and well recognized Computer Institutes, the Inter-Digital Computer School, Harris Samuel Momoton has been has been attack for what these attackers call his continues support toward Gays and Lesbians in Liberia. His computer school has over the years impacting computer knowledge in many youths and adults in and around Liberia.

According to report this young Liberian entrepreneur horrible attack took place recently on June 10, 2023, at the precise of 8:30pm, when he was physically attack by some notorious gangs called (Bad Boy Association of the Street) led by one of their leaders called (General War Face).

This attack took place in central Monrovia, specifically on Benson Street, the location of his computer school why trying to leave for home, these notorious gangs pulled him out of his car, and was severely beaten.

The leader of the Bad Boy Association of the Street AKA General War Face ordered his men to flogged and treat Mr. Momoton any ways they felt good to treat funny people who are considered as (Lesbians and Gays) in Liberia.

When narrating his story to this paper, Mr. Momoton said “I received the most horrible treatments in my life. It was so terrible that I couldn’t believe that I am around today and still alive.”

He also asserted that during these attacks he receive injury, bruises on his body with internal pain in his head which caused him serious health problems.

Unconfirmed reports said that this scene was so terrible that the guys used cutlass to beat him and even used their fingers in his anus to ascertain if he was part of the gays and lesbians’ activities.

When our reporter contacted the commander of the Metro One Police Station on center street in Monrovia about this issue, the commander said that he was not authorized to speak on the matter and we should contact the Chief of Public Affairs of the Liberia National Police.

When quizzed on the knowledge of the Bad Boy Association of the Street) led by (General War Face) that is perpetrating and inflicting harm on peaceful Liberian citizens, the Commander said that they have received lot of complaints on this group but are not fully equipped to combat them as they are armed with deadly weapons and this group needed to be confronted by rapid response unit and they are only patrol officers and are meanly focus on minor cases.

The whereabout of Harris Samuel Momoton, the owner of Inter-Digital Computer School on Benson streets remains unknown as he continues to receive threats on his life for his support to Gays and Lesbians in Liberia.

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