Integrity At Its Best, As Young Motorcyclist Finds Missing US$50K Delivers Same To Its Rightful Owner

From Christopher Fahn – Lower Nimba County Correspondent|

Emmanuel Tuloe

Liberians and foreign residents of the commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County were overly astonished when a young motorcyclist, identified as Emmanuel Tuloe while on his usual routine came across a bundle of bag containing US$50,000.00 LD100, 000.00 which reportedly missing from a lady has been returned to its rightful owner.

According to our Correspondent in the county, Tuloe on Sunday, October 10, 2021, found this missing bag containing such huge amount along the Tappita Highway.

But upon hearing a radio announcement in which the owner of the bag appealed to anyone who might have found it (the bag) to have it reported to the radio station for an undisclosed reward, Tuloe did exactly so–he reported the bag to the radio station with the accurate amount contained in it.

The radio station without any delay contacted the owner of the missing bag, Musue Yancy, a top businesswoman in Tappita, and turned over her belonging.

Following receipt of the bag with the full missing amount in tight, Madam Yancy who appeared earlier to be frustrated and wondering in despair, quickly felt a sigh of relief.

Filled with breathtaking excitement and disbelief like anyone in a similar situation would be, Madam Yancy hosted an appreciation program in Tuloe’s honor and rewarded him one thousand five hundred United States Dollars (1500 USD) for his exceptional display of honesty.

Meanwhile, as several citizens lavish praises on Tuloe for his rare exhibition of sincerity, others believe the motorcyclist returned the missing money only because he feared being bewitched by the owner if he had used it for his benefit.

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