Indian National Who Sue Liberian Gov’t, Described As Fraudster, Con Artist

Manjo Kumar, an Indian National who prior to his deportation from Liberia for his alleged criminal activities, and described as con artist by the Liberian law enforcement agency has designed other tactics to internationally damage the reputation of the Liberian Government through the release of misleading information.

According to GNN investigation, and court documents in its possession has revealed that Manjo Kumar uses multiple names such as Manjo Kumar Vatwani, Haresh Kumar and that he has lied under oath in making false and misleading representation to the public.

The court records further states that he is an undesirable alien and a threat to national security who was being investigated but fled the country and evaded immigration authorities when an o revoke the rights of indictment was issued to be served on him.

The court record also said, “His behavior was incompatible with his status as an alien; therefore, his reentry visa was cancelled because the Statue grants him the power to revoke and cancel and deny visa to alien”. The document from the court indicated.

See below the full detail court record

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  1. Abdullah A. Sesay says

    The court gave judgment against Manoj not to enter Liberia without his present and statements in court which is unfair.

    If keeping 2 name is a crime then even the president should be arrested for using Gberkugbe. This man only using one name (Manoj Kumar Vatwani) for business transactions and on all of his documents which is his real name and this is the name he’s using everywhere. So how can someone be denied entry to Liberia because of Nicknames? Why the court not sanctioning jeety for keeping 2 names because his real name is Upjit Singh Sachdeva and he is using everywhere jeety?

    Your release “Article” even proves that most acclaim media personnel are weak investors. According “Front Page Africa” earlier report that Liberia immigration service getherd intelligence on Manoj and they see his activity which was national security threat and they said he left the country to evade the investigation so now why are they not allowing Manoj to enter in Liberia so he can answer to all allegations and help them to complete their investigations?

    I am demanding you to look into this whole matter with seriousness or else we will take this matter to the public and I will make the public to understand that some of you in these media institutions are unable to investigate critical issues concerning national security.

    Thank you 🙏.

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