Inaugural Committee Justifies Embarrassment That Characterize ‘Uncontrollable Heat’ That Led To One Death

The head of the inaugural committee that led to the official takeover of Liberia’s 26th President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has justified embarrassment that characterized 2024 inauguration with the head organizer, Miatta Fahnbulleh blaming the General Services Agency (GSA) and the National Legislature of failing to honour the committee’s proposals.

The head of the sub-committee on the joint presidential transition team has justified the poor management of the inauguration ceremony of President Joseph Boakai which brought shame and embarrassment on Liberia.

The 2024 inauguration was deemed one of the worse in post war Liberia with a totally disorganized protocol.

But the head of the inaugural sub-committee Miatta Fahnbulleh said she was never in control of the budget set aside by the government for the ceremony.

The head of the sub-committee on the joint presidential transition team indicated that her proposal both to the GSA and legislature for the usage of the pavilion was never welcomed.

Speaking on the OK FM during the week, Ms. Fahnbulleh, affectionate call ‘Auntie Miatta’ repeatedly said both the GSA and the legislators should be blamed for such situation that took place with the overwhelming uncontrollable heat that reportedly let to one death, and also compelling President Boakai to cut short his address to thousands of people including foreign visitors.

However, Senators on Capitol Hill have raised concern on Monday’s embarrassment at Joseph Boakai’s inauguration; tell plenary it was due to lack of proper protocol, as host of Senators have expressed serious disappointment over what they described as missteps in protocol that characterized Monday’s inauguration.

The group of senators in session on Tuesday named the lack of proper arrangement of seats for invited guests, intrusion of folks on the grounds of the capitol without invitation which led the entire ceremony not proceeding well.

They indicated that lack of consultation and proper trained protocol personnel also led to the embarrassment witnessed on Monday

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