In Zwedru Protestors Besiege Supt. Residence Demanding Living Body Of NEC Official, As Gun Shots Are Heard Over Night

Angry protestors in Zwedru in demand of the living body of Alfred Dunner

The Capital City of Grand Gedeh County, Zwedru, is said to be very chaotic for the past few days as a result of a massive protest by women groups and others in demand of the return of Alfred Dunner, National Elections Commission (NEC) local official in the county.

According to report, the protestors in their numbers besieged the residence of the Superintendent of the county, Kai Farley chanting anti-slogans in demand of the living body of Mr. Dunner who mysteriously disappeared on May 3, 2022 while undergoing traditional treatment.

As the women in their numbers angrily gathered in front of the Superintendent Palace in the city center which symbolized that he had been placed under house of arrest, the protestors, mainly women could be heard saying, “He will not get outside until he talk to us and tell us where is our brother, No Alfred, No peace. We want Alfred alive” the Protesters decried.”

According to report, gun firing are reportedly heard over night, a situation that scared many citizens and foreigners in the city,

According to report, the protestors for the past three days have been sleeping in the streets with their cooking utensils in protest of the whereabouts of Alfred T. Dunner, while roads entering the city were reportedly blocked, making travelers leaving and entering the city to be stranded.

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