In Western Liberia Two Ghanaian Nationals Drown To Death In Illegal Mining

Illegal miners in western Liberia

Two Ghanaian nationals who were reportedly involved in illegal mining in Grand Cape Mount County, western Liberia have died during their usual route of doing gold mining in the area.

According to a state radio, ELBC Correspondent in the County, illegal mining has been a challenge to the people of the County, on the issue of illegal mining in the County, despite Liberian government quest to warning all illegal miners in the County to desist.

Early this year, 2020, tragedy hit the people of Grand Cape Mount when several people were trapped in artisanal mining with more than 60 people feared dead, according to reports, the incident took place at an illegal goldmine in in Tewor District.

Illegal mining activities are common in Liberia as they have become a source income for thousands of unskilled and unemployed Liberians, mostly young people.

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